1. MustardTiger000

    Northern Lights Autoflower: First Indoor Grow

    So I'm posting now as my seeds are germinating. I plan on growing two Northern Lights Autoflowers from Crop King Seeds. I have large windows that get a lot of sunlight and a mars LED light. I plan on using the LED when it's less sunny and to extend lighting hours if needed. Also plan on moving...
  2. Hdinkleman

    Early Miss Auto Veg Area Grow

    Ok guys im starting this journal to change a few things up with my nutes and see what i can grow as an afterthought to my flower tent. -1 early miss cks auto -3 gallon normal pot - using only bio canna nutes i am not going to be using cannazyme with this grow, i actually think i may have been...
  3. D4DF12FF-EE70-43D0-8904-1BF0C68F31B2.jpeg


    Crop king seeds -blue cookies
  4. 20180529_205302.jpg


    Northern Lights Auto from CKS - OVERKILL harvest day 98
  5. kronox

    Kro's Soil Auto White Widow - First Time - 2018

    So, I've read many a grow journal and decided that I should toss up my own, more or less a great way for me to track my own progress. Of course, getting some expert help along the way never helps. Last monday, I was out buying equipment for the upcoming legalization in Canada and was offered...
  6. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Hello 420MAG, Getting ready for a record run here, starting to warm up so my garage grow room is being cleaned out. got my air stones all cleaned, about to take apart my dwc buckets and scrub them. will be replacing my 1 inch bulkheads with 2 inch pvc pipe bulkheads so I dont clog. I have a 4...
  7. Purpsmagurps

    6x9ft White Cookies - Sour Diesel 8 Pot Scrog In CoCo

    Hey there. I am returning again with a new grow journal. I have a 6x9x8 room that I built for my last run that I intend to run a drain to waste 4x8 flood table with 3 gallon plastic pots on an auto drip system. I have white cookies in mind again for this grow, but haven't committed yet. will be...
  8. O

    Crop King Seeds

    Have ordered cks seeds twice; Auto white widow and blueberry. Great results using 600w hps/mh system. Reliable company with apparently good genetics.
  9. G

    CKS - 2x Candy Cane Autoflower Closet Grow

    Hello there. Meet Buzz and Armstrong. Hoping they will knock our socks off and send us to the moon! This is my 2nd grow, and I am using this all-in-one hydroponic/lighting device (WeGrow G601c). Nutes are General Hydroponics' 3-bottle Flora series. (If anyone has a better recommendation...
  10. S

    SoInd420's Northern Lights Auto & Candy Cane Auto Indoor Grow

    4x4x6.5 tent 1000W Hollandstar LED 18/6 Kellogg's organic soil 3 Candy Cane Auto CKS 2 Northern Lights Auto CKS As of 9-27-17 they are on day 11. Germed the seeds as prescribed, all 5 popped. Potted on 9-14. 4 of 5 sprouted 9-16 with one sprouting 9-15. All 5 look healthy but...
  11. S

    Total Noob with some questions

    I've got 3 Candy Cane Auto CKS and 2 Northern Lights Auto CKS on day 11. All 5 look very healthy but they all still look like when they were about 3 days old. Is that normal? Thanks in advance. This is my first grow.:thanks:
  12. KingCloudy

    Auto Fem CKS Candy Cane for first grow - Any pointers?

    Looking for a friend or guru to help me out a bit! I love to learn!
  13. onewarmguy

    CKS Auto Jack Herer - Indoor - Week 11-12

    Hey All: Here's a little update on my Autoflower Jack Herer from CKS. Miracle Mix (sterilized potting soil with neutral Ph) in 5 gal cloth pots- 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes. Here's some new photo's, things seem to be coming along nicely. They're now in their 4th of 9 weeks...
  14. onewarmguy

    CKS Auto Jack Herer - Indoor - week 7/8

    CKS - Auto Jack Herrer week 7/8 Hey Crop King, this is a cross post but I thought I'd keep you in the loop. Here's a little update on my Auto Jack Herer from CKS. Dirt - 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes...
  15. onewarmguy

    CKS - Auto Jack Herrer week 7/8

    Thought I'd post a little update on my Auto Jack Herer from CKS. Dirt - 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes. Here's some new photo's, things seem to be coming along nicely. Baby grew 1 1/2" in the last three days and it's up to 16 separate bud sites now. Discovered a little problem with...
  16. M

    First Grow - Indoor Closet Tent Grow - Cali OG Kush x Haze - CKS 2017

    Hi guys, this is my first grow, so let me know if you have any ideas for my setup or any advice going forward. Would be greatly appreciated. The strain is Cali OG Kush crossed with amnesia Haze, here's the info from the seed bank. I decided to start off growing 1 plant so I can sort of build...
  17. O

    CKS Northern Lights Auto Question: Pollen Sacs & Buds?

    Hey yall! Brand new member here :) I´ve tried reading a lot to learn as much as possible and make the right questions. I have a NL Auto from CropKings on Day 42 now. My baby is healthy, probably not like some others you see here formany reasons (my lack of experience, first grow, limited...
  18. RoyMoss1987

    1st time grower needing advice

    Hey everyone! I am a first time grower experiencing some issues with my girl, and I am at a loss for what to do next.
  19. Billyberu


    CKS "CBDR" My first bean sprouted today I plan on growing this outside. CKS says it gets about 3 or 4 feet high with flowering time of 8 weeks In Mass plants outside will bud in August? Is this a type of auto??
  20. 4

    420goats Solar Warrior EWS & Early Miss Auto Soil Grow 2017 LED Vs LED

    Hi Everyone, Just started a tent grow with 1x EWS(SW), 3x Early Miss(CKS), 2x 60 Day Wonder(en route from AF) all Fem Equipment 6x 3 gallon pots HP pro mix + with worm castings FloraNova Grow FloraNova Bloom Rhizotonic Root Stim Floralicious Plus PH Down Mammoth Tent 3x3x5 2x...
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