1. Pinktiger777

    Completed Pink's Cloning Experiment

    Dear readers: I'm making a separate journal here for my cloning experiment. If I fail, I can sprout seeds instead, but here is what I have done, so far: I have a small veg tent that I used the first time, as a seed sprouting tent and veg, in DWC. The DWC is a 5 gallon unit that uses net cups. In...
  2. C

    Greetings From The Emerald Triangle

    I started my journey many years ago when I smoked my first real joint back in the 70s in 8th grade. Back then every bag came with SEEDS! I lived in rural upstate NY with a very short growing season and most of the weed was long season sativa coming from Columbia and Mexico. So it would not...
  3. AKgramma

    Is failure of clones and seeds common in winter indoors?

    I normally am able to clone without failure in Spring, Summer and Fall. But I cannot seem to keep a clone alive long enough to root this winter. Is this common? Will I have the same problem with germinating seeds? Should I wait till it starts warming up to take more clones or to plant...
  4. Tinknocker711

    Indoor Mentor wanted

    HI , Im a new member here and have posted a few questions and comments, as well as posted some pics of my current indoor soil grow. I am an avid outdoor grower and have been for years here in New England. I grow for a Medium size circle of friends and family for mainly medical...
  5. A


    hello: i started 6 cuttings yesterday in gel containers. This morning they are drooping, they do not look well, Does it take a few days before they start to "look alive again" , they look like they are dying, is that normal the first few days?? i am new at this. thank you
  6. A

    Lights on 24 hours

    Hello: i Am trying to clone from a flowering plant that i just started to go on 12/12. I have an idea which are the female. So i want to revert back the clones to growing phase. I have 1 florescent light, can i leave it on for 24 hours over the clones? thank you
  7. T

    Cannabis Tissue Culturing

    Hay everyone I was wondering how many of you tissue culture and what is your feeling on the subject.
  8. O

    Abandoned New clone room.

    So i was bored and decided to turn my over sized closet into a cloning room. I went down to the hydro store and bought all the t5 lights they had left and went to work. I am gonna run the mothers on the floor and the clones up above. I am gonna ad 2 more 24 inchers up top and one more 4...
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