colloidal silver

  1. SpectateSwamp

    Growing legal changes everything

    Most grow info will not be needed once Pot is legal.. I plan on starting hundreds of feminised seedlings (using colloidal silver) in peat moss pucks.. 3 or 4 seeds per puck. I'll plant them out early and visit them now and again to give them some water... Then in the fall when the females are...
  2. atthehelm

    Has anyone ever?

    Hey fellow growers, curious if anyone has ever applied colloidal silver to a flowering male plant- was wondering if it would fem out a male? Or double nanners? Shi IDK- just wanted to see if any heads ever got all science on it and experimented
  3. A

    Feminising with colloidal silver

    I am in my last stage of spraying my home made 50ppm CS. I have been spraying CS every morning on one branch till soked of a flowering Hindu Cush. She is only small made up of the crown with 3 branch so I've selected one brach as this is my first attempt. The visual effects of the CS are...
  4. Greensmurf420

    GreenSmurf's Back With LED, DWC, Multiple Strains

    After a little break I'm back with another journal. This time I'm starting off with 3 seeds from my own +- White Widow stock that I made a couple years ago. I bought original +- Nirvana White Widow and pollinated 1 female. For those who like to read up on the strain... Genetics Kerala x...
  5. V

    Colloidal Silver

    Hey All, I hope you can see this picture. I have read all the guides and feel like I have a good handle on what to do to my female plant to get it to produce female pollen sacks via colloidal silver, but my question is this. Is what I purchased too highly concentrated, or will this provide...
  6. T

    Autoflower Soil - Dinafem Critical+ & Killer Kush - Colloidal Silver Seed Run

    Hello and welcome to my first real grow journal :Namaste: I hope you stick around to see my triumphs and failures in this very experimental grow. I will be running four plants at the end of this grow, two treated with colloidal silver to cause them to express male sex traits and produce...
  7. T

    Help - Colloidal silver to create female pollen

    . I feel I have the ppm but have left the lights on 24/7. I am trying to hermie a blueberry auto. I have been spraying the new growth 2-3 times a day since it was 10 days old and it showed female on a feminized seed plant. I have been spraying it for 2 weeks.The plant doesn't have a smell (...
  8. OzzyOzgrow

    Ozzy's Soil Grow to DWC Flower Grow

    Welcome to my first Journal :) This run will be in the hopes of producing some feminised pollen using Colloidal Silver to produce some fem seeds on my next run. I am a bit short on space, but you will see my growrooms being updated as this Journal goes along.... I will be starting off in...
  9. toker69

    How to Make Feminized Seeds With Colloidal Silver - Sponsored by Intelligent-Gro LED

    Hi Everyone I'm toker69 Yay! :thumb: Welcome to my Colloidal Silver journal! I'm working on a six month project of making my own Feminized Autoflowering Seeds. First on my feminizing list is a midsize potent strain named "Himalayan Blue Diesel" Here's the HBD breakdown! Type : Auto...
  10. toker69

    Making Feminized Seeds Of My Own Auto Strain - Lucky 13 - Using Colloidal Silver

    Hi everyone! :ciao: I'm starting my second grow journal to record the making of feminized seeds outta my own strain "Lucky 13" I made the name up myself, because I number all the Rose Buckets I grow in, and one is numbered 13. I'll be starting 24 regular seeds this time of my own cross of two...
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