compost tea

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    2nd feeding for aerated compost tea
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    24+ hrs Aerated Compost Tea
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    Aerated Compost Tea
  4. Danishoes21

    Vancouver Island 2022 Organic Grow

    Its been a while since I made a journal, lets have a look at what I am doing this time around here on Van.Isl., BC. 1 x Durban Poison >Dutch Passion 1 x Chunky Skunk >Freebie 1 x Sweet Zombie >Freebie 1 x Personal Sativa Fem cultivar (Im trying to revive some seeds I worked on before 2017)...
  5. vrai

    Compost Tea Questions!

    Hi, I used 1 cup of vermi compost, 2 table spoon of Molasses and 2 table spoon of liquid extract in a bucket of 12 litres of tap water and use oxygen bubbler for 24-48 hrs. However, my compost tea does not make any foam like I see in the videos. What could be the reason for not making the...
  6. L

    About to start flower and want any ideas about process

    So for stats... 4'x33"x~5' grow tent, 22 3 gallon grow bags filled with about two gallons of a mix of 707 aurora and fox farm coco loco, mars hydro 192 x 5w reflector and 300w galaxyhydro dimmable "seven band" led fixtures. Girls are about 8" to 18" tall. The taller ones are under the...
  7. D

    Hello everyone! Compost tea microscope help

    Hey there, I am simply looking for a 3X MICROSCOPE EYEPIECE BARLOW LENS for use with my microscope. I am making compost tea and would like to see what I'm making. Does anyone know where i can find one of these as well as a 2x one? I have found tons for telescopes and on microbeman's web page it...
  8. D

    Hello everyone! Stinky air pump?

    Hello to all that see! I have a problem with my new Hailea 9730 air pump. I built the microbeman simple airlift Brewer 5gal. This pump made the whole room and my tea smell like rubber/ plastic. Very strong smell! Kinda like old air from a tire. Has anyone else had this issue? What did you do to...
  9. ClosedCircuit

    Organic Blue Velvet & Trueberry Micro Grow - CFL - Scrog - LST

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and my first grow ever. Sooo here's the overview before I go into further detail... _______________________________________________________________________ -What strain is it? Dutch Passion's Blue Velvet(f) & Elemental Seed's Trueberry(f)...
  10. K

    The Little Cutting That Could

    So about a month ago I acquired a cutting that had been rooted into a small soil pot. I don't live alone and the people I live with would not appreciate marijuana being grown on the premises. But I decided to try and raise the plant anyway. However I wanted to keep costs to an absolute...
  11. LeafLady

    Trade Secret: Compost Tea Recipe

    :420: Hello 420mag users! :420: LeafLady here again. For those of you who don't know us, LeafLady is our alias here @420mag and logo for our Bay Area Cannabis dispensary. We try to use the best methods of growing available. This time we'll show you how we make the best Compost Tea for...
  12. ds8802

    Composted humus/manure tea. Safe to use?

    i just recenty started up a decent-sized batch (about 12-15 gallons) of compost tea with the following ingredients and ratios: About four liters of this: -80% compost/humus -20% manure Sitting in 10-12 gallons of oxygenated, purified H2O. It's been going for about a week and i have yet...
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