1. Compost bin?

    Compost bin?

    Chopped up plant stems and leaves. And roots, in coco and perlite
  2. X

    NPK of BioBizz's vermicompost Worm Humus

    Hi ! At the back of my BioBizz Worm Humus bag I see strange numbers: - NO3: 3.4 - H2PO4: 0.3 - K: 5.9 This would give roughly a NPK of 3:0:6. By reputation worm castings' NPK is more 1:0:0 Having 6 for K for a P of 0 seems to be pretty unbalanced. I don't see a stage of the plant's life...
  3. Compost-loading up.jpg

    Compost-loading up.jpg

    at the yard picking up bulk commercial compost (Point & Shoot camera) (some digital darkroom work done on original photo)
  4. Compost-driveway.JPG


    compost in back of truck (Point & Shoot camera)
  5. 3-04-22.jpg


    My Mid Winter Start in Tent
  6. B

    Coco mix ratios

    Hey i need a ratio for making a soil for my plants im using coco peatmoss perlite and compost imma add worm castings bone meal and a bio fertilizer as nutrients outdoors btw
  7. K

    Soil preparation for outdoor grow

    Hello guys. I will start preparing soil for this year. (I'm a bit late, plant to plant then outside in 2 months max) At our municipal compost site I got first grade compost. I work for a company controlling compost site, so i got detailed chemical analysis of it. Here are nutrients: N: 18220...
  8. E

    Compost went anaerobic: question

    I was making some compost and didn't pay attention to turning it. Went very anaerobic - bad smell. I see on many gardening forums the answer is to just turn it until the smell goes but is this good enough for my ladies. Do I have to wait a safe length of time so I know all the bad bacteria are...
  9. R

    Probably a common deficiency

    My plant is only 2.5 week old, is getting brown/red spots on it's lower leaves and slightly curling leaves, it's just started growing it's 3rd set of true leaves. No other plants in the grow space, using gro+ start compost with added nutrients (says nutes last 4 weeks), No nutrients added yet...
  10. 20180225_181722.jpg


  11. 20180225_181749.jpg


  12. L

    Seedling getting yellow tips and leaves

    i am growing an autoflower Auto Amnesia haze day 15 since planted in soil only fed with water PH no nutes yet , soil is 3 compost 3 peat moss 2 perlite 1 vermiculite , shall i start the flora nova grow ??
  13. SashaShiva

    Frass & Composting

    I recently was talking to someone that is completely new to growing, and I use Ladybugs in my grow to eat Aphids and stuff; and he asked me if Earth Worms would be good for his Soil, and I told him that it would, but that if you are going to do that you should just make/get a compost container...
  14. flytier

    Flytier's CKS Candy Cane Organic Closet Grow - Fall Of 2017

    Hey, everyone! Greetings to all my friends and passersby. I just started another 5-pack of seeds, hoping I'll see it to the end before it gets smoked. Patience seems not to be my strong point. This time I brought my camera along and got all the ingredients and steps of setting up my...
  15. I

    My Little Lazy LED Grow - Soil - Dwarf Autos From Royal Queen Seeds

    HI Guys, just thought I would do a journal to document my grow. I have called it my Little Lazy LED grow because thats pretty much exactly what it is. My space is a small kitchen cupboard 35cm wide 40 cm deep and 70cm tall. My lights are a cheap £15 45W LED, I have a loads of various...
  16. Ron Strider

    Organic Cannabis Growers Solve The Problem Of Poisonous Pot With Compost

    Marijuana consumers have long proselytized for their drug of choice with the notion that it's nature's herb. Weed is of the Earth; it grows naturally, and so is relatively clean compared to synthetic concoctions like cocaine, say. That's true-ish. Marijuana is illegal on a federal level in...
  17. 2

    Auto-Fem Mix Pack

    First time grower, I bought CKS auto-feminize mix pack because I grow outdoor in a cold climate and I tough the auto would guaranty my girls start flowering before first snow ( usually end of September). I bought 10 seeds, they all successfully germinated except I lost 4 cause the paper towel...
  18. flytier

    Big Difference Without My Fish Compost & Other Ramblings With Flytier

    I never thought that the salmon compost we make at work would have as much influence on soil quality as it does. I was wrong. We add the peat moss and dead fish, and the flies, beetles and microbes et al do everything else. I ran out of fish compost a few weeks ago, but I still had bags of...
  19. L

    Lennis's Compost Double Glock Journal, 2017

    Hello, this is my first time so hopefully it goes well. I maybe should of chosen a quicker strain as waiting 3-4 months to harvest for a newbie isn't a great intro, but I was after a single strain plant and found 'Double Glock'. So this is what I've done so far. On the 31st May I filled a 30L...
  20. M

    Good tea recipes?

    hey you organic growers! got 9 ladies in 17 gal airpots growing in my greenhouse. they're in pro mix amended w/ compost, kelp powder, azomite and mycos. they're doing great so far. what is a good tea recipe to use on them when they need more ferts.? i usually use comfrey tea in my garden but...
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