NPK of BioBizz's vermicompost Worm Humus


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Hi !

At the back of my BioBizz Worm Humus bag I see strange numbers:

- NO3: 3.4
- H2PO4: 0.3
- K: 5.9

This would give roughly a NPK of 3:0:6.

By reputation worm castings' NPK is more 1:0:0

Having 6 for K for a P of 0 seems to be pretty unbalanced.

I don't see a stage of the plant's life where this type of ratio would be needed.

I had in mind to use Worm Humus as the compost for a Coot mix but it seems a bad idea according to these numbers unless I supplement for Phosphorus.

However I'm not really confident in these numbers. Phosphorus is quite reactive and can present in the soil in various forms. There is only one compound analysed.

I'm wondering if I shall replace the Worm Humus in my coot mix by another Compost that I can by to a local gardening shop, or not...

I have no idea about your direct question, but I saw a video made by a commercial worm farmer who did address it and his comment was to ignore the numbers since the microbes in worm castings do their own thing and those numbers are really only a snapshot in time.

I'll see if I can find the vid.

Edit: here you go...

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