1. M

    Hermie Auto?

    Posted this elsewhere but I haven't had a response yet. This is CKS CBD Cheese Auto that is on day 76 from seed. Did it turn into a hermie? Time to chop er down?
  2. F

    Safest seeds to Indy

    Anyone have issue getting seed in Indy. Who did u use and how did shipping go? Any recommendations is much appreciated.
  3. M

    Did I kill it? How could this happen in 24hours?

    Yesterday morning, the plant looked great! 24 hours later - not so much! WHAT DID I DO? I'm growing this plant in a 2x2 tent that is temp controlled to 76 degrees and illuminated 18 hours a day. I'm growing in Coco and yesterday I followed normal procedure of pouring in about a half gallon of...
  4. A

    Mazar x Great White Shark vegetative period - Second attempt

    Hello friends, I am with a beautiful plant of Mazar x Great White Shark, with 9 weeks taking the time of germination. I'm using a 600w led panel, and the humidity is at 60%. The curious thing is that I thought the plant did not grow very high because of the size of the pot, I'm having to...
  5. F

    Hey I need help

    I'm a newbie at this it's my first time growing a plant and the nugs aren't that big were did I go wrong
  6. B

    Green Crack trellis

    has anyone grown the green crack and what kind of trellis did you use?
  7. HigherTheHigh

    Mainlining question from pre growers

    Hello all! Just wanting a few questions answered on mainlining to only have 1 large cola. What size pot did you use? How long did you veg for? What was your final dry weight? Im thinking of doing 16 in a 4x4 space with a 600w hps - 32 in a 4x8 space running 3 600w hps, 7L pots...
  8. K

    Are some of my girls ready for harvest?

    So difficult to take pictures outdoors with the wind and all, I did my best. All photos are from the same Sour Diesel plant, maybe day 56 of flowering. Next photo is of a bud that kind of crumbled in my fingers, second one that did that. Thanks for looking and any help, 1st time grower...
  9. TorturedSoul

    Can You Supercrop A Mature Plant?

    Has anyone tried supercropping a fully mature plant that has been in the vegetative phase for months? Not the still-supple green stems, but the ones that are "brown and barky," old growth? If so, did you need to use pliers instead of your fingers, lol?
  10. X

    Flush question - This is my setup in video

    Can you tell me if 16 degree celsius is too cold for cannabis plant? Only 10 days left so far before it does 60 days of flowering time on 12/12 timer. I did a video of my little setup Since i dont have a filter and a fan inside the grow tent. How many time should i flush per week? I...
  11. Jackalope

    Wreckage By T.H. Seeds

    Bought this strain as a after thought. Very glad I did. great buds from both the plants I grew. Both produced around 2 oz. I suck at macro photos and photography in general but this Wrec kage but did its part
  12. D

    Well hi there!

    Hey all, I'm Omen, been a lurker for a while figured I'd register and join in on the fun! Working on my first indoor grow now that NV has legalized. I managed to get two clones of Skywalker OG in January, and boy did I not realize just how unprepared I was. After a month or two of using some...
  13. Skullman420

    What mistake did you do to get caught?

    I personally never got caught and I would love for it to stay this way. So as a grower I am wondering just as this headline indicates - What exactly did you do to get caught? What little fuck up fucked it all up for you? (or someone you know) I'm thinking of this thread as a supplement to...
  14. NizzlyBear

    Girl Scout Cookies - Soilless -Tent

    Whats up guys n gals, this will be my first indoor show that is'nt super ghetto and will actually finish lol. Have had really good success in greenhouse for the last 7 years, but wanted a stealthy indoor show and its been going great so far. My setup is: 4 very lovely Girl Scout Cookies...
  15. HigherTheHigh

    Royal Cheese - Fast flowering - Anyone grew this strain?

    hello everyone! iv just bought 10 royal cheese (royal queen seeds) im wondering if anyone has grew this strain before? how long did you veg for? how long did you flower for inc flushing? what was your yield like per plant? my plan is to put 10 in 15 litre pots (autopots/undecided) in a 4x8...
  16. D

    Oral test came back clean?

    I frequently smoke pot, i did the day before an oral test. I did nothing to try to beat the test, but it must have come back from the lab negative because i got the job. How in the hell did this happen?
  17. S

    What deficiency is this?

    Hi guys, On my second grow now, not going as smooth as the first.. did not realise ph pens did not always come correctly calibrated which has given me some new obstacles. Just wondering if this looks like a deficiency or just a result of the ph fluctuations ? I'd add all my details about strain...
  18. J

    Did I top her right?

    Hey guys im guessing i did it right cause the nodes right below where i cut at there is alot of new growth compared to when i cut it..
  19. HigherTheHigh

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminised Seeds - Anyone grew this strain?

    just looking for info on this strain. how long did it take to flower? what nutrients did you use? what was your yield like? thanks everyone.
  20. M

    Week 9 and no amber trichomes?

    Hi all! I have various strains, indica and sativa (amnesia haze cc, chronic, white russian, freeze cheeze, blue dream) and stopped giving them nutes on week 8, so most leaves are yellow. But looking at them with a microscope, the trichomes are cloudy but none are amber, even on the stockiest...
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