docbud's hibrix blend

  1. limpfingerz207

    Limpfingerz First Journal: Dynasty Seeds & High Brix

    Sup everyone, welcome to my first journal. First off, thank you to everyone here on the forum for what you do and still doing. There’s so much information readily available and I really like how helpful of each other people are. All the collaboration is what makes this place great. I’m excited...
  2. Highbrixbotany2018

    High Brix Kit 4 Strains QB 288 & 132s With EOD & Emerson Lights In A 6x4 Sealed Room

    I bought “the kit” seedlings are bigger than previous grows already!!! The title says it all. I’m in a 6x4 sealed room. A/C, heat, humidity/dehumidifier, CO2 tank all controlled. I’ll be doing 4 plants in 10gal cloth pots. Superskunk, MZT ultra, Blue dream, and gorilla glue. I’m building a...
  3. Mag7

    Mag7s Iconic Holiday Forever High Brix

    Well now, here we are again Brixxers. It’s been quite some time since I’ve created a journal. My last journal can be found and we’ll do some comparisons. The challenge was set a while back for me by me to get this kit working it’s magic spectacularly. In this journal I’ll be catching you up on...
  4. Darkscotia

    Darkscotia’s First Grow Room Farewell - High Brix - Florida Gold

    Hi all and welcome to my journal. I named my journal darkscotia’s first grow room farewell, due to the fact this room was my first grow room ever and I’ve grown so much in there some awesome and some junk but main thing it was fun over the last 10 years and I like to think I’ve learned some as...
  5. C

    TGA - Brian Berry Cough & Hi Brix

    Hey whats up...Yep I am doing another journal. This time we have 4 TGA Brian Berry Cough MzJill suggested that I grow BBC, she named it after a childhood friend of hers that passed away from ALS. So I took her suggestion and am running with it. There is also 1 Grand Daddy Purple and an OPP in...
  6. C

    HiBrix - OPP x 2 - 20 Gallon

    Welcome!! Again I am playing with DocBuds High Brix Blend (aka the Kit) and some fantastic lighting provided by Home :: Platinum Grow Lights. I have had fantastic results with my last 2 grows with both of these. I can't say enough about either of these 2 products, they are fantastic. My...
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