1. Damien102

    Help - Leaves blackening after flush

    Hi all. This is my second grow so I am by no means an experienced grower. Plant is 8 weeks old and starting to flower. Typically I don't water to run off, but did last week to check my soil/ph condition. The run off was 5.7 (I'm soil growing) so I did a 5 gal (fabric) pot flush with 3 gal of...
  2. S

    Under or over watered? Or other?

    Hi all, Could anyone please give indication as to what they think is the issue with this plant. The 2x other plans in the room are healthy and under the same feeding schedule and environment as the plant of concern. They have just been switched to flower 3 days ago and the struggling plant...
  3. S

    Gods Gift stretched then some yellowed

    I had some seeds that germinated great. After placing them in soil I had two 50watt led panels on them. They all stretched no matter how close the light was. I then put my 300w led over them, but it was too late for three of the seedlings. I have two that are still fighting to survive under a...
  4. Z

    Seedling Looking Unhealthy: Help

    Currently babysitting 3 seedlings for my father and one of which is displaying symptoms that the others aren't. In the last 1-2 days this has happened: - 2 bottom leaves are yellowing - Top 2 are drooping. - Zooming in you can also see there is slight darkening at all the edges. - Growth stopped...
  5. G

    First Grow!

    Hi all, I'm 13 days into my first Grow. I have 2 Fem auto magnum buddha seeds 11 litre pots with plant magic soil. Getting about 11 hours direct sunlight daily. Been watering gently with a spray bottle Increased water today by pouring 2 litres each and won't water again until soil has dried. I...
  6. G

    Early flowering - Sick plant - What is wrong?

    I have an auto flowering purple mazar which has me confused as to what the source of my errors are. I think, potentially a combination of overwatering and nute burn (N). New leafs are drooping at the ends, with brown tips. old leaves are either drooping & brown tips or curled upwards with brown...
  7. DeploVape

    Does this look like over watering? First time grow

    Strain - Indica Holy Grail Kush, Indica Tahoe Alien Og # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 1 Gallon Lights - T5- 4ft 4 bulb fixtue Nutrients - None Medium - Fox Farms Ocean Forest RH - 31% to 48% Room Temperature -72-79 Problem: I planted these girls 2 days...
  8. H

    Leaves Drooping A Lot

    The leaves of my girls are drooping a lot a couple of hours before and after the light turns off/on. So far this morning it has been drooping for over 3hrs and still going. They are gradually perking up but they went straight down last night. Is this normal? I have smaller plants under the same...
  9. Y

    Leaves drooping head is done in

    View image in gallery In need of help rear left plant drooping leaves has me stumped on what it could be thought it was over watering but no thanks
  10. Y

    Plant drooping a lot - No apparent reason

    Don't get it, this plant's always kinda droopy. It looks thirsty but it gets watered often enough. Over watering? Man, I don't know. It's getting watered every couple to 3 days or so and the rest are all looking normal. This one's always just got a droop thing going on. Halp.
  11. J

    Stretching and drooping

    Hi there guys, To start with I'll explain my set up. First time grow here, I have 8 soil pots (half soil/half coco) under a 1000W Kind LED, I planted them one week ago after germinating in water and damp paper towel. The light settings are 22% Red, 45% blue and 45% other light. (Change from...
  12. M

    Seedlings drooping

    Shiva shanti 2 Room temp 35C All ph's is around 6.5 Vented room with breeze fan, 1ml per l of molasses and seaweed plant nutes 600watt vipar spectra newest model on 60%veg 20% bloom 18/6 timer Plants are curling on the edges, They've been fine for 2 weeks transplanted a week ago into...
  13. W

    1st time grower in need of help

    I'm growing 5 plants indoors. Using coco choir and CFL's for the time being. I may switch to a 250 watt hps light for flowering. The plants had been doin very well up until a few weeks ago, they began drooping and the bottom leaves have started to look almost white. These plants seem to be...
  14. C

    Need help - Plants drooping - Am I over watering?

    Hey everybody, I'm a first time grower and I''m not sure why my plants are drooping over. I think it's form over watering. I am on day 11 of my grow, I try to water every 2 days but sometimes it seems my soil dries out faster. Last night they were drooping a little, watered earlier in the...
  15. D

    Drooping leaf on 3 week old plant

    I just noticed a drooping leaf (back middle in pic) was hoping for a 2nd opinion, I could be over thinking it. Thanks
  16. P

    Help please!

    First time grower here and really could do with some help. My plants are in veg for 4 weeks and the lower leaves are drooping. The newer ones are looking healthy. Any ideas
  17. R

    Help! First grow problems

    Hi all. This is my first grow and the third node has started to appear but the leaves have gone droopy and yellow and one leaf has brown spotting. What could it be? Ive been looking at nitrogen toxicity and over watering? but I dont think ive watered that much.. maybe once every 2 days. Im...
  18. M

    Drooping fan leaves

    ive got 3 pineapple kush 1 blue mystic.. temp stays around 25°C amd hum is 40%-50% and ive got a fan in the middle of the tent. the fan leaves on the two lower plants ( in pic) are drooping and i was wondering why this could be happening, after dark time they are up again but after time they...
  19. jcal03s

    Plants Drooping Hard - Help!

    Hey guys, so both of my Heavyweight Turbo Bud Autos are on ~day 30 and they've started drooping pretty hard. Looks like overwatering to me. It's been 48 hours since I last watered them, but it only seems to be getting worse. Both have not gotten any nutes and are in Foxfarms Ocean Forest soil. I...
  20. P

    2 day old seedling sprout leaves are drooping and I never watered it - Is this normal

    my 2 day old above soil auto berry auto flower sucker leaves are drooping the first leaves that grow after the cotyledons and I have not even watered it yet. is this normal ? I don't think the leaves are drooping because it needs water because from experience I shouldn't need to water it for at...
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