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Hi there guys,

To start with I'll explain my set up. First time grow here, I have 8 soil pots (half soil/half coco) under a 1000W Kind LED, I planted them one week ago after germinating in water and damp paper towel. The light settings are 22% Red, 45% blue and 45% other light. (Change from 15/30/30 2 days ago).

I've been trying to keep the humidity in the 60-70% range as it is winter here but it has regularly been between 50-60% until we get a humidifier in a few days I will be monitoring as much as I can. The temp has been pretty good at 25C(77F) in light and 20C(68F) at lights off.

At this point all but one have got their first leaves out but I am having an issue with my Pineapple Chunk and Laughing Buddha seedlings; they both seem to be stretching (almost 3 inches of stem) and now the first leaves have drooped a little and one has yellowed ever so slightly.

The soil has been watered properly once but even then not all the way through. I have definitely taken the over watering issue seriously and I'm worried I might be under watering. The soil is damp in most of these but I'm not sure if I need to give them a full flood and let them dry out or not. I am also unsure if I have too much or too little light considering they are stretching and possibly yellowing.

Photos below, any advice will be much appreciated thank you :)

Hey they are 30" above thanks, think I should move them closer? Because my white widow seedling is about 1.5" high and has good little leaves at this same distance
Maybe poor genetics I mean pineapple chunk? lol white widow has been bread for decades n is very solid strain bro. Do not overwater only a small bit is required as at this stage it's mostly just the tap root. If the light is sitting in the appropriate distance and the temps r fine it makes things tough. I would gently raise the soil ever so slightly because you have one seedling that's shooting for the stars but may soon topple over. Also consider ur ventilation with a small fan if your not already doing so faced in the opposite direction :) cheers
yea drop the lights closer.. i believe your using LED they shouldnt give off too much heat to worry about...but seedlings usually have that stretch ...just take out carefully and retransplant them closer to the leaves
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