1. S

    Gods Gift stretched then some yellowed

    I had some seeds that germinated great. After placing them in soil I had two 50watt led panels on them. They all stretched no matter how close the light was. I then put my 300w led over them, but it was too late for three of the seedlings. I have two that are still fighting to survive under a...
  2. J

    Where to Top?

    Greetings all, This is my first grow (at least the first to survive past seedling stage =/ ). For this grow I had some issues with bulbs blowing and switching out the type of light. Started with a 250w white light CFL but part of it blew. Temporarily switched to the warm light CFL I had...
  3. M

    First-time grower - Are my girls healthy?

    Hello everyone, I am a first-time grower and I have an issue with my 2 plants. I decided to make a thread after many hours of reading this wonderful blog since I'm really stressed about my girl's health. I have 2 plants, both 1 month old now since germination. I decided to start grow them...
  4. J

    Stretching and drooping

    Hi there guys, To start with I'll explain my set up. First time grow here, I have 8 soil pots (half soil/half coco) under a 1000W Kind LED, I planted them one week ago after germinating in water and damp paper towel. The light settings are 22% Red, 45% blue and 45% other light. (Change from...
  5. S

    Trying to figure why i'm getting low yield

    Hi, i'm a new grower and this is my 2nd grow only. I've found myself doing alot of reading on this forum's posts therefore i decided to signup :) Sorry for my English, i'm trying to do my best. I have a small grow room 100cm high, 70cm wide, 50cm deep. This is the biggest & highest closet i can...
  6. M

    Damn what did I do?

    As you can see from the pics my seedlings are just starting sprout one of them in the pic has stayed in the rockwool as pictured and has not moved since yesterday. My main is question is regarding the Burmese Kush seedling that took off and got really tall under humidity dome with no lights. I...
  7. DrTentgrow

    Temps and stretching question?

    Hello I have some young WW seedlings (3 nodes) I'm in the UK but it's hot here and the temps in my veg room are around 28-30 for big amounts of time, i'm on 18/6 and the 6 hours off are 1PM to 7PM to help in the hottest part of the day we normally start with a 125w CFL but that was making the...
  8. S

    First Time DWC Grow - Help!

    okay so its my first grow, and this is my DWC Setup. Grow Tent (22 x 36 x 63) This DWC system: The Original DWC Hydroponic System 600w MH for Veg 600w HPS for Flower 2 air pumps distributed to 6 air stones evenly placed in the reservoir Conditions: Temp under lights 75-78 F Relative...
  9. D

    Dr.GreenTumbs indoor Soil Barneys Bluecheese First Grow -2010

    Hi all, thanks for dropping by. This is my first attempt at an indoor grow after having some success with an outdoor grow during the summer months. I've started this journal for some help and advice through out the grow cause i've been reading this forum for some months and i no that alot of...
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