First-time grower - Are my girls healthy?


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Hello everyone,

I am a first-time grower and I have an issue with my 2 plants. I decided to make a thread after many hours of reading this wonderful blog since I'm really stressed about my girl's health.

I have 2 plants, both 1 month old now since germination. I decided to start grow them outside on my balcony since there is plenty of sun where I live.


Strain: Royal Queen Bubble Kush Automatic, Barney's Pineapple Express
# of Plants: 2
Grow Type: Soil (photo with constituents above)
Grow Stage: Vegetative
Bucket Size: 2 Gallon
Outdoors Temperature: 80 to 88 max

After comparing my plants to other grower's photos, I realized that my plants are stretching and they aren't "bushy" enough. What can I do now at this stage of growing? :(

Because it's really windy outside I decided to move them inside, to the window you see in the photos. Should I leave them there or the environment change will be worse for them at this stage?

Thanks in advance.
Hi there,

I'm a first grower myself so don't expect any expert advice. However are you sure your girls are in vegatetive grow stage?
To me it looks like they are flowering.. what's you light schedule? How tall are they now? I guess you want to transplant them to a bigger pot soon?

Good luck!

Jon - first time grower
Thank you so much for the replies.

Yes you are right Jonjones420, i meant flowering state, they are about 35cm (14inches) tall now. Both plants receive normal sunlight, apart from around evening where the sun hits my balcony and they receive direct sunlight.

Some times when is windy i try to move them to a protective spot which isn't so sunny (the wind can get a bit strong since my apartment is on the 3rd floor).

Also thanks daTeshi, do they look healthy to you? Is their size normal for the pot i've used? I never thought to move them to a bigger one.
Its weird... The plant does look healthy it just also looks like it has downsyndrome.. No offense im being serious baby lucile also my first grow 1/3rd the size, half its age , double its nodes ,maybe triple the leaves... Something is wrong i feel.. And massive stretch between your nodes is from day and night cycle temps being far aprt like day is 80 night is 55 . short node spacing would be 78 day 72. At no pro im a first timer myself but i read the whole internet before i started so im kinda a mad scientist at this point lol. And im using bad reg. Seeds. Wish i had barney P.E. what kind of soil? What nutes? Whats the room temp and R.h? Airflow is not a problem. Maybe its the co2 ...because a plant can only use as much light as it has co2 to use to convert that light to food. Might have hit an invisible plateau .
Why is it leaves all ,1 leaf ,3 leaf ,7 leaf ,4 leaf.. Random...Like i was serious about the down syndrome... Ahhh did you do a temporary light flip to sex and then revert back to veg.. That causes retards sometimes
Hey Quick89 thanks for you reply,

Yes i understand what you mean although you are growing them inside as i see. I imagine that the controlled, even artificial light, makes a difference?

I don't know about growing plants much, i decided to grow mine outside because as i mentioned i have plenty of space and light.
I didn't do anything special for the plants sex because i bought feminized seeds. All i did was to germinate them and then planted them in the pots you see in the photos. All the info i can provide for the soil i used is also in the photos.

The one thing i tried to do better (if it matters), is filtering the water i give them to decrease its pH because i use tap water.
Bro your doing great.. Indoor i like better because i can controll everything.. Im trying for 1 pound per plant.. In a 4 month cycle. Which is an experience growers yeild.. I am not. So i read everything.. But its kinda like flying a plane.. You can read books and read books.. But you dont know how to fly until you fly.. Ya know.. Keep growing. Learn and do better never settle..
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