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Hey everybody! Welcome to my journal :circle-of-love:

First off let's start with the info: Her name is Bushy Baby :love:
What strain is it? Unknown
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Dominant
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Re-vegetating and germinating 3 seeds
If in Veg... For how long? 4 days
If in Flower stage... For how long? Just harvested
Indoor or outdoor? Both
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Soil description is in another language I can't read so I don't know
If soil... What size pot? 10L, I think
Size of light? 18/6, 2x 36w Cfl 6500k 2x 36w Cfl 2700k
Is it aircooled? Yes
Temp of Room/cab? Unknown
RH of Room/cab? Unknown
PH of media or res? Unknown
Any Pests ? Not currently, fixed fungus gnats issue
How often are you watering? When soil is dry
Type and strength of ferts used? Veg: 9-3-6 Flower: 4-5-9

A short history: last spring I bought 5 Lowryder feminized autoflowering seeds out of which 4 germinated and grew into nice ladies in my balcony, but at harvest ended up with 20 seeds. They are an unknown crossing ( my neighbors need to cut their males :reading420magazine: ); with sativa dominant traits; auto was not passed on.
In November decided to try indoor growing and made up a setup, that isn't proper, but it resulted so far into a successful harvest.
Currently the girl that I just harvested, is regenerating, because I failed too take clones, and we will see if she will live on! I had to harvest at 11 weeks ( a little early ) because wanted her to still be alive for the next process and she badly needed food.
Also I have three seeds germinating, at the moment soaking in water cup, for this summer's balcony grow. We will follow the journey of the three seeds in this journal as well. They are same type as Bushy Baby, and they been sitting in my fridge. Put them in water cup 3 days ago, and today will move them in paper towel. Planning on growing them inside for a few weeks, at least until they will be transplanted on the balcony. Waiting for the weather stabilize a little. We will have some fun this summer with them!!

Now for everybody's favorite part PICTURES!! :cheer:

The mothers:

The babies:

Bushy Baby:
- Veg:


- Flowering:



Had to lst her top because she was getting too tall


- Harvest:


Future babies! Feel free to name them

Thank you for reading! :circle-of-love:
Smoke test:
I don't actually know how people do this but, I will try.
  • It's been 5 days since it's drying in the box, the taste brings me back too Amsterdam's Northern Lights.
  • The high is very trippy and energetic.
  • It's almost a pure sativa in flower but it looks like the indica dominant Northern Lights in vegetative growth.
  • Crossing was made with Lowryder autoflowering mother and some unknown, guessing sativa pollen, so you can say it is almost a Northern Lights sativa.

Can't wait to try after it goes in the jar. :circle-of-love:

Now for the pictures: :yahoo:



The future babies are in paper towel. Found it very dry today and don't know if they still alive :( We will see.
Bushy baby looks the same but she got more green I think I will take more pictures when something visible changes :)
Well hello there. I really like the names of your plants and I have subscribed to your journal. If I can or you want I would like to help you out along the way. I very much enjoy the chance to teach AND learn. These pictures are most excellent. I will say for now that the plant that you had to lst because it was to tall was to tall because it was stretching for light. If you can move them and have the resources to do so with cfl you should have a light coverage on the entirety of the plant 1 or 2 inches away from the plant at the most. That will prevent most of that stretching and you will result in a much better yield and have more thc in your crop but the mere fact that you got so far and did well is a great thing. So I am subscribed and here to help you in any way you need.
Thank you Joe for your sub :love:
Weird thing that I noticed in flower was, I tried moving the lights sideways a long her top (since I didn't do anything to her in terms of topping/fimming or lst in veg because I thought she was an autoflower), and she kept growing straight up, and not following the lights.
This time around I will attempt a screen of green since I can play around with her!

Bushy baby:


Leafs look a lot more green, and they starting to get bigger :circle-of-love:

The future babies:


They enjoying the March sun here, an awesome spring day! One seed didn't germinate unfortunately. I planted them earlier and the roots looked very healthy and fluffy.

:love: to everybody
Well the most likely reason is your lights arent very strong and another light source is stronger such as the sun as I notice they are getting a decent amount of sun. Anyways, im online right now if you have questions and such. I will call over some of my friends to subscribe to your journal if you would like but its up to you
You are correct though. You dont want to top or fimm autoflower due to the reduced growing time as that will hurt the yield of a autoflower . Is bushy baby a plant you are trying to reveg meaning you already harvested her and then you reverted her back into vegetative growth?
Is bushy baby a plant you are trying to reveg meaning you already harvested her and then you reverted her back into vegetative growth?
Yes she will have a week since harvest tomorrow. I noticed she really enjoyed that food I gave her, looks very alive. New leafs growing, old ones getting big. I can't wait till she starts growing again!

A question would be, do you think I will have too move her into a bigger pot soon? Or she will use her old root system. I am thinking it makes sense too, but kinda scary since the current pot is big.
Stop on by my journal I am sure you will get a lot of people to come over to your journal that way :) Good luck revegging it works but I just prefer using that time to grow again from seed but the positive is the plants infrastructure is already developed so it takes a bit less time but the yields wont be the same. Good luck and dont forget to drop on by introduce yourself there and you will have subscriptions in no time.
Will start off with a little surprise, all 3 seeds made it, somehow, they recovered after the paper towel went dry! :cheer: I planted the last seed today, so 3/3 this time.


The three still nameless!

Bushy Baby:


The re-vegetation process has officially started, new growth is visible. The water intake is kinda slow, which makes sense since she was used too feed a huge plant, been extra ventilating her, but so far it doesn't look hurtful. Still not sure if too move her into a bigger pot.

Well how big is your container and how long was she alive for in total before the reveg? The ample roots she should still have alive is more then enough to support the reveg for awhile
She is 4 months and a week old, give or take a few days. 5 weeks of vegetative, 11 of flowering.
The pot is 30 cm in diameter, 12 liters. I will go buy soil and a new pot in a few days and attempt to transplant her. Also need to get soil for the three new babies, they wont last longer then 2 weeks in those small containers.
2 Weeks into re-vegetation, Bushy Baby had a haircut yesterday and seems to enjoy it. Soon she will also move into a bigger pot, but waiting for the three babies to evacuate, because she needs her space.


The 3 babies are 1 week old average, and they will be planted outside in about a week. Weather already starting to get warmer at night, and I have been putting them out in the sun everyday in the morning.


I followed this guide and made a bottle of CO2, and in case somebody might find it useful take a look. I hope it's ok to post it.


That reveg plant could go for a 7-10 gallon pot. Sorry my metric is horrible. I love that reveg! Awesome looking stem growth. And you left plenty o bud sites for new growth which is showing great. I would give it a week as well after looking at it, And transplant it. Bigger pots may require a helper to manipulate the pot while you safely remove the plant. I did 3 gal to 5 gal buckets with my wife easily and a few by my self. If u must by yourself remember patience but remember these plants are strong. I get there is a great root ball under there. I'm gonna sub up I wanna see this reveg take off. Reveg plants are also known as monster cropped plants! Their clones are also monster crop plants, they grow ridiculous amounts of bud site and bush like crazy. Give you the opportunity to increase yield and further a line with lore cloning. I love it.
I was planning on moving her into a bigger pot in a week or two, and I have my garden helper, my boyfriend that does all the heavy lifting and such, also he is a good plants baby sitter, it is nice to have somebody to take care of it while you are away.
Annoying part isn't converting from gallon to metric, it's the fact that here the pots are measured in diameter, but thankfully there are sites that do it for me.
I appreciate the sub and your experience with re-vegetating will be welcomed.

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