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  1. R

    Realiko's Auto Closet Grow 110W Dulux

    Hi Guys here's my grow journal; Plant Brand:1 x Buddha's assorted auto Light's: 2 x 55w Dulux 4000 kelvin,10.000 Lumen Fertilizer's: Biobizz Bio-grow,Bio-bloom Soil mix: %25 Perlite,%15 vermicompost,%60 Peat soil Bucket Size: 11 Lt Seed planting day: 01.04.17 Here's some pics, stay stoned !
  2. G0dsGift

    CFL 6 Herbie's Autoflower Grow

    Lets start by saying I received my Michigan Medical Marijuana Card about a month ago and went straight to growing. I'm not rolling in the dough so this grow is starting out small and will be expanding as time goes on. Herbie's Strains: 2 pineapple express 1 green crack 1 gorilla glue 1 girl...
  3. bakedseb

    CFL Cellar Grow

    Hi guys thought id do a grow journal so i could hopefully show some diffrent grows to what you all seen! my set up: 2 x 300 watt dual spectrum CFLs with hoods 1 x 125 watt blue cfl 1 x 250 watt red cfl 10 x germinated and sprouted master kush feminized from sensi seeds 5ft x 5ft...
  4. J

    should i replant the seedling - 2fast 2vast

    :Namaste: this is day 6 aftergermination. looks like 2fast 2 vast from heavy weight seeds is growing only taller. started with seaweed extract + R.O water only from day 5 . Now it is kept outdoors for 12 hrs ,indoors under 23W cfl for 12 hrs.Should i replant the stem deep or wait for one more...
  5. G

    Auto Amnesia - CFL!

    Hopefully she does well
  6. Pat999

    Pat's Small CFL Grow

    Good Day to my fellow growers. I am new on this site and thought I would start my journal. The strain I am using is bagseed Running 1x 85w 6500, 4x 15w 2700 and 4x 23w 6500. I germinated the seed on the 4th of May and have it in potting soil at the moment. Planning on getting some coco...
  7. G

    GangstaJah's - 178W Total CFL - Soil - Grow

    Wassssssuuuuuuuppppppppp :420:, this is kinda my first grow, i've tried with about 15 seeds altogether now and couldnt really get them past seedling stage. However those were the times of cardboard boxes and gaffer tape :laughtwo: I've invested in a grow tent (black orchid hydro-box light) which...
  8. O

    Ontaed 's First Grow Journal

    Strain details White widow Plant typeFeminized Sativa or Indica40% - 60% Indica dominant THC LevelHigh at 18% CBD (Medical) MediumHeightAverage (80/120 cm - 32"/47") YieldHigh (400/500 gr/m² - 14/18 oz/11ft²) Flowering periodAverage (60 days) ClimateSunny / mediterraneanGood forIndoor, Medical...
  9. T

    Which side do I use?

    I'm having trouble trying to figure out which side of the aluminum foil to use to line my beginners grow box. I will eventually use mylar, but tight on money. I know one side is shinier but is that the side to have facing out with the plants and lights?
  10. K

    Sativa Dominant Bag Seed - 2nd Generation

    Sativa dominant seeds from outdoor bagseed plants, growing indoors. 6 cfls about 8550 lumens 5 seedlings plan to increase to 10,000 lumens MG soil Started germing in peat pellets may 26 Transplanted to MG soil 29th First grow Plan to vegetate for 1 month or after several fimmings, and...
  11. B

    Beateo's Winter 2015 Multi-Strain Indoor CFL Grow in Soil

    Here are the strains I have on deck for this pending journal: 1. Vision Seeds: AK-49 Autoflower (3) 2. World of Seeds: Amnesia Fem. (2) 3. Delicious: Critical Super Silver Haze Fem. (3) 4. Sleestack Skunk Reg. (2) The Sleestack Skunk & Haze were strains from my first grow. I was...
  12. H

    First Grow - 340W CFL Tent

    Hello! I have just started my first grow, it started realy bad and 2 of my 3 clones died. Now I still got one and I have planted two bag seeds. I hope this grow log will help me learn even more from you guys :D I have been reading a lot of the stuff on the forum and there realy is some...
  13. Budsyezbuds

    Budsyezbuds's First CFL Indoor Grow!

    Budsyezbuds first grow! Hello everyone this is my first time trying to grow cannabis and so far im ready and steady.. What strain is it? Unknown Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? N/A Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling 3 plants are 7 days old with 2 that are 2 days (All from seed) Indoor or...
  14. basic

    Basic's Soil - The Church - CFL Grow - 2014

    Hey everyone! This is Basic from Vancouver Island, BC First grow journal here, so lets see how she goes! I'm growing a single plant from a feminized 'Church' seed from Greenhouse, a high yielding, mould resistant indica dominant hybrid. I'm working with a solid CFL closet setup, in...
  15. MrMiggy

    MrMiggy's 1st Pc Scrog - CBD Medi Haze - 2014

    Hello 420Mag, This is my first try at an indoor grow. I have tried outdoor growing before, but to no success. I am going to be growing in my 26.5" pc case The seedling is 2 days old today from sprout. Wish me luck, sit back and enjoy the grow. What strain is it? CBD Medi Haze Is it Indica...
  16. daTenshi

    DaTenshi's Grow Journal 2014 - 2015

    Hey everybody! Welcome to my journal :circle-of-love: First off let's start with the info: Her name is Bushy Baby :Love: What strain is it? Unknown Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Re-vegetating and germinating 3 seeds If in Veg...
  17. N

    Unknown Clones

    Think I've found the right place for my grow this time.I've done loads of reading up and have regularly visited 420,and now I have the chance to give my own grow a go.It is very difficult where I live to get hold of clones here where I live but at last I managed to get some.This is very much a...
  18. M

    First Grow - Hydro - CFL - All Was Going Well Until Now

    Hey guys. Saw some good replies on here so I figured I'd make a post. I guess I should first tell y'all my setups. System #1 is just a standard 7 pod aerogarden I picked up off a buddy for $5. With just a simple air stone modification to it. The reservoir holds 1gallon and the lighting...
  19. FunkySkunk

    My First Grow! Big Bud + 8 Ball Kush CFL's

    Hi everyone, new member but been enjoying browsing this site for a while now, really great info on pretty much everything bud related. I learned alot from reading these grow journal's. I decided to get my first ever grow on now I've got my own place. I have limited money and space so I'm...
  20. F

    Grow Box - Northern Lights Scrog

    So.. just built a small grow box, painted inside walls flat white, added 3 pc fans 2 extract at the top and one intake, going to use 125 cfl blue spec for vegging on 18/6 light cycle, growing northern lights strain planting 2 but only plan to keep one because of space.. planning on doing a scrog...
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