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dying plant

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    Dying/wilted Autoflower

    Help☹️ My plant was literally fine 2 days ago. She was happy, beautiful everything was good. I watered last on the 27th but starting the 1st she’s been wilting and it’s only getting worse and worse.!! I have her tied to keep her standing up right today also. I haven’t changed anything. Keeping...
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    Desperate Help Needed: Not A 1st Time Grow

    I have grown a few times, always with pretty good results. I have grow GG only until now. I bought a few new types of seeds from ILGM and 2 of the plants (different strains) are showing the same issues as one another while two plants looks OK. These are inside grown, light's 18-20" off the...
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    Outdoor grow: dying plant! Can it still be saved?

    7/15/19 Just took it out of the soil today. What should I do? Keep and try to save or throw away? It’s Gorilla Glue grown in Fox Farms Soil and about 3 months old. I just add regular water and the rest of my plants are doing good except this one. The heat in Riverside is crazy hot!
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    Help - Plant is dying at a young age and I don't know what's wrong with it

    hello this is literally my first ever grow. i did lots of research and everything i know is from doing internet searches. i bought five BigBud feminized seeds from an online seed bank, i germinated a seed. it germinated fine and i planted it in a small pot (since it was just a seedling)...
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    Need help for soil indoor grow - It's a tricky one

    Hi Guys first time poster here i'm going to try follow the rules as best I can SOIL GROW INDOOR Strain - UNKNOWN REPITUABLE DARK NET SOURCE AUSTRALIAN F1 SEEDSTOCK (I forgotten the strain i'm pretty sure its AFGANI x PINEAPPLE SKUNK) # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil - YATES PREMUIM...
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    Seedlings dying!

    NEEDING HELP about 1 week ago i germinated 11 seedlings, all worked well, put them in a tiny try in a mini greenhouse for about 2 days. they all sprouted out and looked very nice and healthy for about 2 days. They all started developing their second set of leaves. I then put them in the sun for...
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    sudden death in flower stage

    hello everyone, i have no idea what could have caused this to happen, im groing in ffof and the strain is silver bullet auto, with rh of 50 and temps in the range of 75-80. i watered them their last feeding on thursday and woke up saturday morning to see this. Both plants were given the same...
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