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    VIVOHUT Apple Betty 1/23/23 @Bill284 Method @Herbies Seeds
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    Bill284 Method Continued Place the root ball directly on perlite with activated mixture
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    Bill284 Method Always sprinkle your roots when you have access to them @ DYNOMYCO
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    Bill284 Method 25 gal bag
  5. PSX_20230602_210924.jpg


  6. Day #22 Veg B4 Flip - Day #22 Flower.jpeg

    Day #22 Veg B4 Flip - Day #22 Flower.jpeg

  7. Day #21 Veg Seri Sisters Temp Home .jpeg

    Day #21 Veg Seri Sisters Temp Home .jpeg

  8. Strawberry Solo SIP Day 21 Flower Lights Out.jpeg

    Strawberry Solo SIP Day 21 Flower Lights Out.jpeg

  9. Seri Day #9 Veg Flux.jpeg

    Seri Day #9 Veg Flux.jpeg

  10. Moto258

    DYNOMYCO 2023 - Solo Cup Challenge By Moto258

    For this solo grow challenge I'll be growing the last girl scout cookie seed I have left by @Weed Seeds Express. Grow set up will be in my 4x4 gorilla lite line tent with the NextLight core LED. @GeoFlora Nutrients will be the culprits to some tasty nugs at the finish line and of course...
  11. CaptainLucky

    Captain Lucky's DynoMyco Solo Challenge SourG Grow 2023

    CL🍀s DynoMyco Solo Challenge SourG grow 2023 :welcome: :420:
  12. 20230316_095745.jpg


    Gina (Gelato Auto) Day# 21 rootball coated in Dynomyco
  13. 20220916_232713.jpg


    Kannabia Seeds via @CannaPot BIG BULL and GELATO-K Entering Week 10 @Mars Hydro @Prescription Blend
  14. Moto258

    Girl Scout Cookies - DynoMyco We Want You - Side-By-Side Comparative Grow By Moto258

    I want to start this journal/competition with a huge shout out to @DYNOMYCO for the great opportunity to be a part of this grow!! I'm going to be putting much more detail into this journal as soon as the products arrive on my doorstep so stay tuned! I will be growing a couple cuts from the Girl...
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