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    Insulation attempt. Sleeping bags and old blankets on top of heated tent inside cold lung room (insulated garage, gets as low as 40°F)
  2. 20211210_120654.jpg


    Outside of tent insulation attempt #1
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    Mars hydro 4" variable speed exhaust fan.
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    Mars hydro 4" variable speed exhaust fan
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    Air ventilation exhaust vent inside view
  6. T

    Exhaust in right position?

    Hi there 420mag, Long time lurker, first time poster. Decided to setup a grow using passive air intake nudged on by the power of the exhaust. Only problem is, I worry I placed my exhaust fan in the wrong place. Currently my exhaust is positione above the intake air hole side of my tent...
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    Found piece of plywood cut it to 24 1/2 inches wide didn't car about the height as long as I was mindful of the hole size needed 6" . Then insulation wrap stapled too and bang ready for ducting and my exhaust fan should be here today .
  8. 20190912_113710.jpg


    Viparspectra Reflector series 1200W LED and AC Infinity Cloudline T6 6" exhaust fan
  9. D

    Co2 and Exhaust Fan

    I recently built a Co2 generator and added it to my grow tent. DIY - CO2 Generator For the growers that are using Co2 do you see a significate lose of Co2 when running your fan? If I don't run the exhaust fan the humidity in my tent spikes to over 80% and the temperature was at 82 degrees when...
  10. O

    4x4x6.5 1000w HPS grow tent setup help

    I have a yaheetech 4x4x6.5 grow tent that i will be using a 1000w hps bulb and an air cool hood with. Im wondering what size fan i should get as far as CFM. i live in area with roughly high temperatures, although the grow will be indoors in roughly 75 degree temperature. I'm concerned about the...
  11. D

    Exhaust really needed with LED?

    Hello So i have spent a week no reading up on a lot of things. And i thought i had a clue. Oh boy was i wrong. I found a youtube video where they said you need to exhaust outside your apartment. I this really true? i have a small room in my apartment. You can call it a "wardrobe" its...
  12. TheDankDuo

    My First Set-Up - Vent Question

    Here it is folks! My first tent setup(4x4). Let me know what you think! I plan on exhausting all the air through the hood>ducting>fan>ducting>carbon filter in the attic (Can-Fan pro series 420cfm 6in and can fan carbon filter 66) Good plan?
  13. B

    Cfm question please help

    i got a 2x3x6 room and its air cooling a 400w light and i want a carbon filter on it too. so how much cfm do you think that would be? and i know i want the fan pulling air out of the room but do i want to push or pull the air through the caerbon filter? thank you BENNN
  14. M

    Air exchange from one tent to the other tent question

    hello fellow 420 members!!!! I am getting ready to set up my grow and flower tents. I was wondering if i could take my exhaust air from my veg tent, pull the filtered air into my flower tent as fresh air then exhaust that air into my veg tent as fresh air. it would be a recirculating air...
  15. B

    Active intake Vs. exhaust

    Hi folks this is my first grow room. I cant figure out whats best in term of ventilation for making negative pressure in my flowering room. I need someone to give me some advice. My room is sealed, its 4.5 by 4.5 foot, with 5.5 foot high. I bought a 245 cfm fan and a 50 cfm fan the lady...
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