My First Set-Up - Vent Question


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Here it is folks! My first tent setup(4x4). Let me know what you think! I plan on exhausting all the air through the hood>ducting>fan>ducting>carbon filter in the attic (Can-Fan pro series 420cfm 6in and can fan carbon filter 66)

Good plan?

Looks good to me!

If it gets to hot, in order to get the fan sucking a little more powerfully, bring the fan closer to the light. If that happens it would look like:

hood> LESS ducting>fan>More ducting>carbon filter in the attic
I would hang the fan where the velcro strap is that is currently holding the ducting.

Again, I would ONLY do this if the set up you have now gets too hot. The closer you bring the fan, the more powerful it is. The most sucking power would be if you went fan>hood>ducting>carbon filter>duct>attic but then again, depending how long your ducting is (every bend affects the flow), I dont know if it would give enough push.

Your set up looks sweet.

Good luck!
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