1. G

    Bad Fan? Or Bad Filter?

    I bought a cheap tent/fan/filter combo of amazon. I’ve replaced everything it came with except the fan/filter. The filter is leas than 2 weeks old. I took it apart and the fan has suction and plenty of exhaust without the filter. When I attach the filter back to the fan is has hardly any...
  2. S

    Do I need an exhaust fan with this filter?

    Hi guys ! Bit new here. I was wondering if i need to buy an exhaust fan with this carbon Filter i recently purchased. Any help is much appreciated ! iPower 4/6/8 Inch Inline Fan Carbon Filter Ducting Combo w/ Speed Controller
  3. D

    Can someone identify this material

    Hey guys, first post here. I've ended up obtaining lots of trim from a crop and I'm wanting to make it into hash. I plan to do it using the method shown in this video: I have 2 questions: 1. What grade of filter should I use for the silk screen? I am looking for quantity over quality...
  4. Tight fit!

    Tight fit!

    Canfan and filter barely for in my 4 x 4! I put them up high to give me floor space and room for the lights to be raised if needed.
  5. intake filter

    intake filter

    clean air in is important
  6. exhaust and filter

    exhaust and filter

    big filter and fan runs air for three tents
  7. J

    Dual Carbon filter use

    Without stirring up the inside/outside placement for a carbon filter discussion, what are people's thoughts on using two carbon filters, one Phresh 8x24 inside the tent, and one Phresh 6x24 outside the tent to provide an exhaust and odour control? From inside the tent the 8" Phresh carbon...
  8. C

    How do I calculate size of blower and carbon filter based on room size?

    Greetings, Just wondering what the formula is for calculating the size of blower and carbon filter for a room 14' x 14' x 8'? Needs to be a 100% clean...or close. Any info on that will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. D

    Carbon filters any difference?

    When i first started i purchased a shit air filter carbon with a fan. Ofc the shit fan broke i got a free PK125-TC from the store! awesome of them! however this fan has CFM i think its called of 400m3. so it way bigger then then the filter am looking at now. Am looking at two brands...
  10. B


    If i was to manicure and dry in my grow tent woulld that kill most the smell if my filter going
  11. T

    help/critique my future setup

    Hi 420Mag, I'm in my planning phase of starting a grow in maybe a year or less from now. I was hoping to throw out my plan and get some suggestions or critiques for it would be great! Veg tent Tent Gorilla Grow Tent 5x5x8 Light Spectrum King: Mother's Little Helper 100w Inline fan 8"...
  12. Jackalope

    Soil - Super Lemon Haze - Tahoe OG Grow

    And so it begins. Here is the line up for my next grow. Super Lemon Haze, Greenhouse Seeds Jack Herer, Greenhouse Seeds Em Dog, Humbolt Seed Company Chocolope, Sensible Bulk Seeds. Should be DNA genetics Blue Dream, S-1 from Cali Connection seeds Tahoe OG, Seeds made from Cali Connection...
  13. HigherTheHigh

    Filtering water to lower ppm?

    hello all! i read somewhere this morning if you filter water through a carbon filter it can make the water more pure. is this true? i have a 4 inch carbon filter i could use but i dont want to pretty much break it or ruin it if its not going to do anything. does anyone have an idea...
  14. 28 Grams

    How bad is it to push air through a carbon filter instead of pulling?

    The general consensus seems to be that pulling air through carbon filters is the way to go. However, my space is somewhat limited and it would be beneficial to have the carbon filter outside the tent for space sake -- of course this means I'd have to push air through the filter. How "bad"...
  15. Why Doe

    Carbon filter need help asap

    I have this combo and it was working great for a couple weeks. Now it's not sucking like it used to, the problem I'm 99% sure lies with the carbon filter. Do you have to clean these things? How easy are they to get clogged? Seems to be a lot of black particles inside. VIVOSUN 203 CFM 4" Inline...
  16. G

    Air filter without ductwork?

    Is it possible? I watched a few videos on YouTube and the best answer to my question came from this video. Stank-Ass Weed! Odor Control! - YouTube There wasn't any duct work from what I could see. He also had the filter sitting atop of what looked like a grow light. I believe it is just...
  17. B

    Can 12v pc fans full through carbon? Should I scrap this grow box?

    So i have a homemade carbon filter, very small. It's x2 12v pc fans inline at full-speed pulling through about an inch of activated carbon and very thin filter.... I have a hole where air can flow in passively and I can barely feel any air coming in (only just). The grow box is very small (pc...
  18. J

    Somebody educate me please

    Right basicly, Im trying to start up a personal grow so i can stop spending money on mj, but ill be honest, ive never grew a plant in my life, that be a vegetable or mj haha and im a very anxious person, and after already investing money i dont want to fuck it up What ive currently got -...
  19. M

    General Carbon Filter Question

    Hey All, If I use a carbon filter rated for more c.f.m. than my fan, will it lessen the restriction or make it worse? Thanks.
  20. P

    Newbie's First Grow

    Hello 420 Mag!! A new grower here going to start my first journal. I enjoy reading the forums, so i have soaked up a good bit of knowledge already. I hope to make this grow as smooth as possible. All are welcome, as I'm sure i will be needing plenty of advice along the way. Seeds- Ace Seed, 3...
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