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Another exhaust question


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Ok so I have a 400watt hps with a vented hood and a fan. I have four plants ready to start flowering and I'm building a box tomorrow to house them. I know I want to exhaust through my vented hood but I'm not sure if I should run it hood>fan(pushing)>ducting>filter or hood>ducting>filter>fan(pulling) in both cases I know I want the carbon filter outside of the box I'm just having a hard time deciding between pushing or pulling through my carbon filter. My plan is to have a 4x4x8 box exhausting hot dirty air through the vented hood to the carbon filter with one or two holes for a passive intake near the bottom. Has anyone on here ran an exhaust like this through the vented hood to the carbon filter? My only concern would be that the air would be to hot and either kill the filter faster or kill the fan. Any input from someone running a similar setup would be great!
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