Weedgets Limited Edition MAZE-X Pipe

    We thought it would be in high demand but we never expected the first batch of our collectible limited edition titanium MAZE-X pipe to go that fast :) -
  2. Weedgets Filter Tips Advantages:

    Weedgets Filter Tips Advantages:

    This is just another level of smoke. You have never had it that smooth.
  3. S

    Cigarette filters in joints do they filter out THC?

    On occasions I'll roll a joint using the Raw rolling machine and use a cigarette filter, it does make it smoother but I wonder if the THC gets filtered through as in decreased? The majority of the time I used a rolled up filter/cardboard. Does anyone know if the THC decreased with these...
  4. JimmyJames905

    Charcoal filters - How good are they?

    I recently tried to use my 12+ year old filter only to find the fan is fried and the charcoal is possibly depleted. (Update...purchased in 1994 and uses "scent crystals" not activated charcoal) So on to eBay I went and purchased a 4" inline fan with 4"x20" charcoal canister. The canister is...
  5. M

    Carbon filter

    Anyone using one of these CF brands? - Max Carbon Filters - Carbon Active - Can Filters - Prima Klima I'd like to know if any of the above mentioned are good.
  6. Happy Jack

    250PPM Alkaline Well Water - Deal with it how? Or get RO?

    Hello Fellow Growers, I'm a DWC newb, with healthy month-old plants in totes. I've been using my 250PPM well water with the GH Flora trio, hard water micro formula. The water level in the totes is high for initial root growth (12 gallons/tote), and pH initially tested somewhere between 7...
  7. O

    Has anyone tried an automotive cabin filter for odor control of small grow?

    I have a small cabinet grow 13" x 36"x 60" 1 plant. I am using a 5 inch pc fan for exhaust and 3 inch pc fan for intake. I am considering mounting a activated carbon car cabin filter just inside my exhaust fan with an inch or two of plenum space. Thoughts on effectiveness or problems... Thanks!
  8. Z

    315mm Futuretech Air Force 2 Acoustic Fan - Review

    Hey all thought I would do a review of My 315mm FUTURETECH AIR FORCE 2 ACOUSTIC FAN. Reason for the review is because before getting one i searched the net high and low and there doesn't seem to be any Reviews about them, the only information i could find was the Manufacturer's Specifications...
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