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    Coming along nicely.
  2. Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Getting more frost than Gucci, lol. Day 40. Auto SLH
  3. IMG_5342.JPG


    GG4 frost-shot
  4. Netty05here

    How long left? Frost forcast

    Hi everybody . I planted some og cream out my back garden in June, 2 survived and are flowering now, Its my first try so I'm unsure what to do now, how long till they mature? Could I chop them now? There is frost due tonight and all weekend? Will putting them in my shed be enough to save them?
  5. Stumpy Now!

    Stumpy Now!

    - Taken on an LG Aristo 2
  6. S

    Outdoor grow in cold area

    Strain - Wonder Woman fem # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil 1. Since i live in cold area and frost season is just around the corner, what should i do? remove my plant before frost kills the plant or should i just let it die on its own? 2. should i remove those giant fan leaves? will it help the...
  7. W

    Light requirement for Autos during flowering?

    I got a late start on some autos that I would like to move outside after they get going good. The problem is that I am really pushing the growing season as we are 70-80 days from a normal first frost and the daylight will be getting much shorter by then also. I'm not looking for monster...
  8. flytier

    My Girl Survived A Frost

    I didn't expect my WW to survive the frost the other morning. Having said that, I also didn't expect the frost the other morning. If that was in the forecast I would have brought her in. My black-eyed Susan, however, may not end up being the camouflage plant I was hoping it would grow into. May...
  9. CareStaker

    Frost Factory - Show me your glands!

    Welcome to the Frost Factory! This is an open thread, and it's pretty simple. Post up the most resinous buds/nugs/plants/leafs you have, in whatever form or format. If it's dripping in grease, it belongs here. I'll start with some older stuff... Post up what you got, and discuss.
  10. Atrain

    Autoflower Trichomes and Frosty Buds

    What's up guys... let's see those macro shots of your autoflowers or beautiful buds covered in frost.... here's a few from my collection...
  11. G

    Help guys! Frost last night! Will my plants die?

    Ok, so it definitely froze last night because there was a frost on the cars when I went out at 7:30am this morning. What I want to know is how these freezing temps will effect my plants? I currently have 3 Sativa dominant strains in the ground outside. I actually thought about pulling them a few...
  12. G

    Help! It's 35F outside right now! Will my plants die?

    Hey guys, so as you can tell nighttime temps are clearly below average lately, and getting dangerously low tonight, but ironically our daytime temps are above average for this time of year. It was 70F / 21C today with clear sunny skies, perfect weather for flowering but the problem here is also...
  13. M

    High altitude and shorter days

    hi all, I live in a valley at 8300 ft, the day light was just over 12 hours at solstice here because of the mountains, and now its getting shorter fast, plus its really cool at night, in low 50s. I have a few plants outside just to see what they will do, some in pots I move, and some in the...
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