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  1. S

    We have powdery mildew!

    Can I dunk the buds in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water, and have them be alright? And if so....does that get rid of (remove) the powdery mildew, or just stop it from growing?
  2. MrMiracleGro

    Tolerance Break - Worth It?

    I finally have reached that point where I decided I NEED to take a T-Break. I've smoked pot majority of my life, at least since I get into high school. Upon graduation, I began smoking DAILY and have stuck to that regime for almost three years now (developed a slight mental/physiological...
  3. O

    Pruned for more light

    Sup 420 At work today I saw on youtube, a guy cleaning his girls up so that they can get more light to some of the lower sights. I read a lot about pruning while in the flowering stage, and most say not to, but people still do and have great success. So I started snapping leaves off to get...
  4. B

    Feed - Water - Water? Good starting point?

    Hello all, I am almost at the 10 day mark for my one plant and am about to start feeding! (Botanicare and PromixHP) So far, it is taking my 1/2 gallon pots 3 days to get light enough for watering. As a result, I'm thinking of feeding every third watering. Is this a good starting point?
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