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Tolerance Break - Worth It?


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I finally have reached that point where I decided I NEED to take a T-Break.

I've smoked pot majority of my life, at least since I get into high school.

Upon graduation, I began smoking DAILY and have stuck to that regime for almost three years now (developed a slight mental/physiological addiction).

Anyways, three days ago marks the day on which I started my T-break.

Three days in and I can say that my alertness and energy levels have increased substantially. However, my anxiety is much more pronounced, and, in addition to that, I have a very difficult time sleeping.

Anyways, from those who have taken t-breaks, would you say that is absolutely worth it?

I've managed to save more money, get some of my shit back on track, and I plan on getting to the point where I only grow my own smoke!

Just a little rant.

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments regarding t-breaks.


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I think it is great that you are able to take a t-break and find it useful. I was a daily smoker for many years, then took a t-break for close to 30 years, not by personal choice but forced by our federal government. I started smoking again last May daily but wow, what a difference 30 years will do to you. I smoked pretty much daily till about 2 1/2 months ago when I stopped again because of pre-employment drug testing.
Personally I would prefer to take t-breaks on my own schedule not someone else but I do think like with any thing in life, being responsible and using it within moderation , know ones limits are all very important things to keep in our minds. Just as I do not want to take 20 prescription pills a day, I have no desire to medicate 20 times a day. But Each individual has different tolerances and what works for me may not work for you and vise-versa.
Truly glad to hear you are finding what works for you:love::thumb:


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Tolerance ... That thing that feels good to us, "makes" us do increasingly more and more, and eventually drives an addiction? Tolerance sucks but it is part and parcel of any feel good thing.

Humans, and really most every animal, can and usually will develop a tolerance and an eventual addiction to anything that makes us feel good or even just "different". Food, alcohol/drugs, sex, on and on, anything pleasurable can be a source of tolerance, addiction and eventually perhaps even a major life problems for us humans. I am no different than anyone else and have developed tolerances during my years on earth. Fortunately I haven't allowed the tolerance process to develop into anything really terrible, and I do come from a family of people seemingly prone to tolerance and addiction. I am ever vigilant, my DNA requires that I do so! I quit drinking alcohol during college because I saw the path developing in my future if I didn't change things immediately. For me tolerance to MJ seems to happen quickly, in less than a couple of weeks. Initially a strain may kick like a mule, but a couple of weeks later it turns into just an average effect. It sucks but it my reality. I often take breaks to try and reduce the tolerance developed, but it's a merry go round with a true end.

If poor life choices are a problem for a person, and they need to get their life on track and change things, then perhaps a tolerance to a substance will make their choices about their future even more difficult to make. I don't know that anyone can quantify if a tolerance break is worth it or not, it's about as individual as each person. Personally, and this is just me, if it is done to try and correct poor life choices, then I think it is worth it. If the break is attempted just to try and get higher in a few weeks, then maybe that is not worth the effort. It doesn't seem to help me much anyways! In any event, I think the answer will be very individualistic. Just so many variable on why folks medicate. If a person is medicating for mental health purposes, I surely wouldn't recommend stopping medicine of any kind without assistance.

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I think taking a break can be useful & prove that life is still fun without weed. I just did it for over a month & that's how long it took me to miss it & do it again. it's good to be back...


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Once a year i take a holiday to some place and i just dont or cant bring weed so i dont smoke for 2 to 4 weeks.
And after that the first smoke at home (rolt like normal) knocks me off my socks xD and having a holiday helps with kicking off the weed xD
But my first few nights without smoke i sweat my nuts off in bed hahaha

But thats the live of a smoker :420:


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I definitely feel there are many benefits from taking a tolerance break from time to time. Replenish the system, center the body and the mind; eliminate dependence. In my personal experience, it has been very beneficial to take extended tolerance breaks of 3-4 weeks in which I undergo daily cardio exercise and weight training. I find that burning calories and sweating as much as possible really helps to cleanse the system of THC that is clinging to fat molecules in the blood stream. After returning to the divine and numinous super herb after such an extended stone-free vacation, the highs and elevated medicinal altitude reached are more powerful and psychedelic than ever before. Praise Jah :)


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worth it. trust me. you'll get to a point where you would want or need to smoke it every 3, 4 days. maybe once week. maybe more. and at these points, you will have your head tripped balls and sometimes you will wake up still high the day after.
for me; that high is totally worth it bro. plus money+ health. you gotta balance stuff at life... just my opinions.


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Someone told me it is very important to take a 4 day break every month. I usually try to make that 4 days when I'm out, and hold off buying a few days.

The thing I notice over those 4 nights of sleep are my dreams. My dreams become more intense visually, and I remember them the next morning.


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Someone told me it is very important to take a 4 day break every month. I usually try to make that 4 days when I'm out, and hold off buying a few days.

The thing I notice over those 4 nights of sleep are my dreams. My dreams become more intense visually, and I remember them the next morning.
The dreams!! So full on, I've tried to explain them to people who have never been in the situation and it is impossible.

Mine are not only more intense visually but in their length and their intricacy. I have had ones living out fairly complex storylines which seem to span days or weeks in dream time and it feels incredibly real when I wake up. I have often wished that there was a way to replay them, some would rival any movie I have seen. Get the night sweats hand in hand with those.

Haven't had more then a day or twos break for a couple of years now but will be having a week off soon for various reasons. I try to fear it as little as possible, I find its not that hard to get through once you commit.

Edit: Was Christopher Nolan having a tolerance break when he wrote Inception :)?
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