1. TorturedSoul

    Grow Journals - Feedback

    I wish that all of the grow journals on this forum were in one of the three Grow Journal sections.
  2. D

    Am I going to run out of room - And more noob questions

    REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR GROW SUPPORT What Strain is it? Pure Northern Lights (Genetics: Southern Oregon Seeds) & Blue Cheese (Genetics: Barney's Farm). Both are feminized. Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Both hybrids, mostly indica. How Many Plants? 6 Is it in...
  3. R

    My first grow indoors

    2x600W HPS dual 'naked' Any questions or comments always welcomed with a smile Day 36 just turned them into flowering 12/12 A few problems on the way. I have three little ones I am just about to re pot Panama Bangi Haze Pineapple Chunk Thank you.
  4. Ron Strider

    UK: Pictures Show Huge Cannabis Farm In North Devon Run By Albanian Gang

    The police have released pictures which show a massive cannabis growing operation which was run in a converted industrial unit in Bideford. The 214 plants were found in three rooms hidden behind paneling and accessible only by a ladder from the flat above the former vehicle workshops...
  5. Ron Strider

    UK: Albanian Illegal Immigrant Jailed For Running Massive Cannabis Factory In Devon

    An illegal immigrant has been jailed for running a 214 plant cannabis factory in Bideford. Durim Salliu came to Britain from Albania hidden inside a lorry but found himself penniless and homeless and fell prey to a criminal gang who offered him work, food, money and housing. He was taken...
  6. Ron Strider

    CA: Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing Businesses Allowed On 4th Street In Eureka

    A plan that will create space for volatile cannabis manufacturing can move forward following approval from the eureka planning commission. The owners of 60 West 4th Street applied for a conditional use permit to allow up to three such businesses to operate. Volatile manufacturing using...
  7. TheFertilizer

    How to fill out a scrog with uneven plant heights?

    I've got these Panama x Malawi 100% sativas and three of them got 2x as tall as the rest. I've got them worked under the scrog, but the three shorter ones aren't even sticking up through the net yet. I want the canopy to be even, so I'm thinking I just need to keep the big ones trained under...
  8. L


    I have a small problem.I am going on vacation for three plants will be ready to harvest in about the same time.I have no one to take care of my plants.So does anyone know of a automatic watering system.I use about 20 gallons in that time period.I was thinking also turning off the lights...
  9. JimSaskFarmer

    Canadian Licenced Producters genetics?

    Has anyone grown out any of the offerings from the LP's in Canada? The wife is currently with CannTrust and their Sensi star sounds like it might be good. At 60$ for three regular seeds i know I'm getting ripped off but that's the rules:;): Shes looking for relief from ptsd and insomnia.
  10. J

    If i had three plants, Removed two, would then the one become a monster plant?

    So basicly, the title says it all! Im asking this as i have 3 plants who seemed to have slowed down on pace since starting flowering(Sensi Skunk Automatic) I use a Mars Hydro II 900 And was curious to wether if i took two of the three down, Would the last one(Id keep the biggest one) Turn into a...
  11. Ron Strider

    This Weed 'Dream Machine' In Las Vegas Rolls 100 Joints In Just Three Minutes

    It looks as though we finally found something that not even David Copperfield could pull off. According to the New York Post, the crew at Acres Cannabis in Las Vegas seems to be more than ready for July 1, which is of course the day weed becomes legal in the great state of Nevada. Expecting...
  12. beez0404

    My first photo period plant - White Widow - Inside/outside grow

    I am brand new to growing cannabis but not to gardening. I grow tomatoes and peppers each year in a small raised garden. This year I decided to give it a go and see if I could grow a couple cannabis plants. I have a couple friends my age (61+) who have been smoking since we were teenagers. One...
  13. Ron Strider

    CT: DCP Commissioner Approves Three More Conditions For Medical Marijuana

    The addition of three more conditions to Connecticut's medical marijuana program cleared another hurdle Friday. Consumer Protection Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull announced in a statement Friday that she would follow the Medical Marijuana Program Board of Physicians' recommendation to add...
  14. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana Reaches Big Milestone In Texas

    Three companies have been given the preliminary green light to cultivate, process, and sell low-level medical marijuana for a select group of patients in Texas. On May 1, the Texas Department of Public Safety tentatively approved three business ventures – Cansortium Texas, Compassionate...
  15. M

    Can LED lighting decrease flowering time?

    I built my basement grow room in late December and outfitted it with an Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w light. I ran the lights for 18 hours a day through late February and switched to 12/12 on February 22. Three plants, black jack, bubbleisious and white widow, all feminized seeds. At the...
  16. S

    Is this bad boy ready to be topped for SCROG?

    Hey yall. My grow is here First Ever SCROG - 600W - Coco - Tent - White Widow Is this one ready for topping? I am doing a screen of green and I want to top maybe three times. Should I remove the red highlighted area now?
  17. Mono

    Completed The Quest For A Kilo

    :welcome: Moving on from the last harvest it's time to try again to hit the 1kg from a single plant under a 600 watt HPS. Last run was close, maybe this time ;) I'm going to run this as a perpetual journal - Following Mono's monster 5.0 through her veg and flower period, whilst setting the...
  18. W

    BB Kush first grow - No nutes

    Two auto-flowering BB kush plants, three are random strains. No nutes used just purified water. Been on 12/12 cycle for about three weeks now.
  19. B

    Thrip pests

    Snipped off most large sucker leaves and disposed of. Thrips seen when I shake the plant. Only two or three thrips so not infested. I kill thrips when I see them but no sign of nimphs.
  20. T

    Three AutoFlower Strains Planted Same Day

    Three different strains of feminized autoflower seeds from Bonza. They were all planted on 1/20/17 in a 4' x 4' x 6' grow tent and are under a 1000 watt MH bulb for 18 hours a day (18/6 cycle). My question is, why are the plants so petite? No issue germinating, Proper Watering, Soil Tended...
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