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Does weed make you trip?


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Sup everybody,I've been smoking bud for a while now,and sometimes I take breaks,unwillingly of course. Well this one time,I just got my hands on some kandy kush and it had been a month since I smoked. So i blaze,listen to some tycho and you ever had that moment where you realize your high as fuck? Yea that was me lol soon after i start seeing things in different colors,the trees were purple,then everything turned green,then i started getting tunnel vision,the whole high was just amazing lol. Anyways,my point is,alot of people think weed doesnt make you trip,but from my experience,it does..maybe its different for everybody,but i bet if some of the people that said weed doesnt make you trip took a month/month an a half T break,ate a edible with a whole batch made from 2 ounces of top shelf bud,that they wouldnt just be high,it'd be a trip. Hell,do the T break and take a dab of some wax,you'll see lmao :Namaste: :tokin:


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Yes, I've had that moment where I realize I'm high as fuck many times. I've never experienced anything like a trip though. I've had some CEV, and OEV, but nothing that vivid.
maybe its because the kush I had was og kush mixed with train wreck,or maybe because of my low t level ,and so when I smoked the bud ,I went past the point of thc that my brain is used to,irdk . do you remember some of the strains that hit you the hardest bro?


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In my early days ( late 70s ) a few times I got really stoned on some potent weed. The colors were much more pronounced but green was still green and blue was still blue,etc. But if I closed my eyes and "dreamed" I would see things in cartoon like colors. Most weed around at that time wasn't potent enough to do that but plenty good for me. There r more potent cannabis these days than back then but though I use frequently, I keep it low key buzz.


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I only vape and only to get relief. If I smoke, yeah I've tripped, but *not* hallucinated. Tripping (to me only maybe) is when I'm high enough that my thoughts take a meandering sometime complex path through the thought universe to wind up realizing I've been sitting ther motionless lost in thoughts for seconds? Minutes?

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I used to get really high, trippy high.

Like passing the same building for what seemed like 15 minutes of walking.
Slow motion stuff.
Strobe light effects.

When i first started smoking i would get so high when i turned my neck to look at someone my head would turn back it was weird.

I Was extemely young 12 or so and the first dozen times i smoked nothing would happen.
Then smoked a bunch and bam it hit me.
Cant say those days where the best experience. But peer pressure and years later i had built up a tolerance.

Now days if i even try its instant panic attacks :(
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