1. Pinch

    We have to stop smoking pot!

    "A collaborative study conducted by California NORML and MAPS found that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor, whereas the average marijuana joint converted less than 25% of THC." I've been using pot and its derivatives for more than 50 years now. Used...
  2. Jackalope

    22 and counting

    Tahoe Og is selfed dried F*#King incredible. Early on this plant showed good traits. Other then all Tahoe being pretty strong I did know for sure how strong this one would be. Mostly it was more practice at selfing plants so when I really have to do it I knew what I was doing. Won't be needing...
  3. B

    What's more efficient? 4 clones veg then flower? Or 12 clones 100% flower?

    Hey guys. I'm a newbie grower and I've been doing a lot of reading and research on growing, trying to learn as much as possible. I've noticed on some cannabis growers IG pages that there are a lot of people running what looks like a larger number throwing them into flower from the start. Whats...
  4. jgd green

    Another newbie

    high from Canada, i expect there will be more and more of us canuks checking out these sites as July 1 comes around. will probably do more reading than posting for the first while. can only say i am not too seasoned but i am not brand new either.
  5. J


    I have bought packaged Marijuana from the pot shop. It is always dry(hardly any moisture to it). Is there any way to keep it from drying up more. Would putting it in the fridge help? Thanks..
  6. TheFertilizer


    I was hoping to be able to make chocolate with cannabutter. I found a recipe online that uses butter and cocoa powder, along with milk and powdered sugar, but it made more of a truffle-like chocolate that would not harden no matter how long frozen. I compromised and just made truffles...
  7. D

    Yet another Is this hermie? thread

    I've noticed this is a pretty common first post but it's my first grow and I'd decided to go with a more risky setup for a grow. I read up on some solo cup challenges so I decided to have a go at one for my first attempt at growing my own bud. Other than growing at quite a slow pace to...
  8. Ron Strider

    NJ: The Time Is Right To Legalize Cannabis, Gov.-Elect Murphy

    Phil Murphy's election as New Jersey's next governor has sparked intense interest and speculation about the potential impact of his policies on New Jersey businesses. As such, the future of cannabis in the Garden State has been a hot topic for speculation. As a candidate, Ambassador Murphy...
  9. Ron Strider

    California's New Legal Marijuana Market Marks Beginning Of The End For Prohibition

    If a single date marks the beginning of the end for the legal prohibition of marijuana, there’s a very good case for January 1, 2018. On this day, California began allowing the legal sales of marijuana for recreational use. According to state estimates, more than 400 businesses were licensed...
  10. Ron Strider

    Recreational Marijuana Is Now For Sale In California - Here's What You Need To Know

    The Golden State is about to get a lot greener. Sales of recreational marijuana began on Monday, January 1, after Californians voted to legalize the drug in the 2016 election. The market's debut brings an end to prohibition in the most populous state, which is now also the biggest legal...
  11. Ron Strider

    This Little Canadian Town Has Become The Nation's Pot Capital

    All it took was a little marijuana to lift this Canadian town's spirits. Smiths Falls, Ontario -- population 8,885 -- is seeing a revival of fortunes since medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc. set up shop four years ago in an abandoned Hershey Co. chocolate factory. The company, since...
  12. Ron Strider

    CA: Medical Marijuana Users Flock To Dispensaries Ahead Of New Pot Regulations

    The countdown to cannabis legalization is underway in California and Harborside in Oakland is seeing a rush of customers before new regulations go into effect. There was a line outside the dispensary on Friday afternoon. Andrew De Angelo, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer for Harborside...
  13. Ron Strider

    Canada: Town Swaps Chocolate For Marijuana And Sees Revival Of Fortunes

    Smiths Falls, Ontario – population 8,885 – is seeing a revival of fortunes since medical marijuana producer Tweed Inc. set up shop four years ago in an abandoned Hershey Co. chocolate factory. The company, since renamed Canopy Growth Corp., has become the world's largest publicly traded cannabis...
  14. Ron Strider

    MI: 'Marijuana Major' Prepares Students For Careers In Cannabis

    More and more students across the county that are hoping to find a career in cannabis are turning to a 'Marijuana Major.' College students from more than 38 states and several spots around the globe are now studying 'Medical Plant Chemistry' at Northern Michigan University. Legal issues...
  15. Ron Strider

    CA: Lack Of Health Research Into Marijuana makes It Hard To Tell People If It Is Safe

    In advance of the legalization of recreational marijuana sales on Jan. 1, there have been lots of debates over the details of the cannabis business. How many feet should pot shops be from schools or daycare centers? How many acres may a marijuana farmer cultivate? Who should be eligible for a...
  16. T

    Trichome color versus inherit Sativa & Indica effects?

    Just curious about this, as everywhere I read, the more amber colored trichomes, the more of a couch-lock/Indica high you will feel. Versus having mostly milky colored, and a few scattered ambers which would result in more of a Sativa high. But, doesn't the inherit DNA make the crucial...
  17. Ron Strider

    Dan Canon, House Candidate Who Wants To Cure Opioid Crisis By Legalizing Marijuana

    Dan Canon, a candidate for the US House of Representatives in Indiana, has a simple solution for curing America's opioid crisis: Legalize pot. "I think the criminalization of marijuana is an anachronism," Mr. Canon told The Independent in a recent interview. "There's just no place for it in...
  18. Ron Strider

    CA: San Diego Gains Early Lead In Cannabis Retail Licenses

    One week after state regulators began issuing temporary licenses to sell recreational cannabis, San Diego has received more of those licenses than any other city in California. Seven marijuana dispensaries in San Diego have been granted temporary licenses to sell both medicinal and "adult use"...
  19. Ron Strider

    How One Machine Can Change Colorado Hemp Farming

    Hemp, marijuana's non-psychoactive counterpart, can be turned into a large variety of products. And in 2016, Colorado farmers produced half of the hemp grown in the United States. Even after more states started growing the crop in 2017, Colorado still planted over three times more of it than any...
  20. S

    Weird Pure Power Plant veg grow

    Hi guys.! Just wanted to share my PPP veg grow pictures with you. In my mind it looking so much more indica than sativa, i havent grown this strain before so i cant compare the differrences of the grow. Bigger plant in the pictures is in 25. Day from planting the seed ( before planting...
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