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    02-24-2020 jack sparrow mainlined to 8 colas. Learned that GLR light schedule and mainlining are not compatible.
  2. illvibes

    Ill Vibes' Redemption Grow - 388 Watt LED - 2 x Papaya - Indoor ScroG - DWC

    Hey all and welcome to Ill Vibes' Redemption Grow! Here's the essential setup to get you all started: Grow Tent: Apollo 36"x36"x72" Light: MARS II 900, ~388W LED Panel {claimed 450W HPS equivalence} Genetics: Papaya (Jack Herer x Skunk#1) (Indica dom.) Nutrients: Botanicare Kind synthetic...
  3. N

    1st Grow: Dr Kripling Incredible Bulk, Fluxed, GLR, DLS, Small Tent. Any Suggestions?

    Greetings all! So then, I have finally decided to take the leap into cyberspace and connect with other 'interested parties'! I've read a few grow journals and have been inspired by the community here so I've decided to jump into the sandbox and see if anybody will share their toys! ;) I've...
  4. MedFarmer

    Fluxing NL x BB

    Since joining :420: in July 2014, I have experimented with unfamiliar grows. My main grow experience was with NFT but I wanted a change and since joining here I have been spoilt for choice with different styles. I've already tried DWC. I have a RDWC ongoing. Now I want to try Fluxing along...
  5. David Bowman

    Gas Lantern Routine / Diminishing Light Schedule

    I've been reading alot about GLR and DLS and am interested in switching over to it on my first grow. I understand that not everyone is behind this lighting schedule and I really do not want to start another debate between all the different light schedules out there. What I've read makes sense...
  6. WizHigh

    GLR vs 16/8-18/6 Light Schedule!

    Ok im pointing out the difference with light schedules. Major difference in growth. These are the same strains under the same lighting and conditions. Same nutes. I just wanted to point this out because everyone says GLR sucks and its not worth the time. Its not the point of it speeding up the...
  7. T

    Gas Lantern/Lamp/Light Routine: What's in a name?

    Alot of talk about GLR lately. Im trying it myself with some seedlings. Honestly, as a long time AA. C Weisbecker reader, the first time i heard it i thought it meant Gaslighting, where you trick the plant by playing mind games with it. Goes back to an old movie: which in turn goes back to an...
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