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hempy grow style

  1. hedzenmedz

    Hedz' Perlite Q-Line

    Hey All, Been awhile since I posted anything. Mostly, lurking and liking. Our last 2 grows have been hempy style with straight perlite. A while back I was inspired by Aseino Quad-Line thread and we tried it with limited success. Love the concept. It’s been awhile since we attempted to document a...
  2. Soil2Coco

    Soil2Coco joining 420 Mag

    Hi everyone. I’m a well known forums contributor just looking to expand my horizons. I’m a stage 4 cancer patient that is treating my ailment with the medicine I do love to grow and consume. Ethos Genetics has to be my favorite breeder since everything I touch of theirs turns to fire. I love my...
  3. G

    Ganja Squad's - 600W LED - 50 2L Hempy Pots - White Widow - S.O.G. - 1st Grow

    Alright everybody I know there are tons of these on here but i decided that being my first grow i will go ahead and make a journal as I go through the process. For those who lack patience or simply don't wish to follow a day by day journal then this is not the thread for you. This is truly a...
  4. ecdriver

    Greek yoghurt stylee buckets

    hi 420 friends, today i checked my mind and decided to turn the mini coco grow i do with some Hawaiian snow into a micro hempy grow. i filled the "1kg greek yoghurt" pots with a 3cm layer of clay pebbles, fill up with coco coir to 1 inch below the top and finish with 1inch pebbles on top for...
  5. T

    Hempy bucket question. Botanicare?

    i bought botanicare nutrients recommended to me by a local grow shop but they had never heard of the "hempy bucket" method of growing. so im looking for some advice or product reviews by some growers who use botanicare hopefully someone whos growing hemyp bucket style with botanicare i...
  6. fncg

    Fncg's Grow 0.5/1.0 Hempy 2L Perpetual Sea of Green

    :420: And so it begins... You've seen me lurking in your journals, posting here and there, listening to stories of success, of bountiful harvests, of fragrant drying rooms, of solid nugs and packed bowls. I've been taking notes on what seems to work, on what seems easy to do, and on...
  7. T

    First Grow Ever - Hempy Style

    Hello all, I am new to growing and finally got all my equipment set up in an upstairs area thats about 12x12. I purchased some clones by someone I thought was an honest caregiver which turned out not to be the case. He told me he had some very healthy clones pest free but when I got them home a...
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