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  1. LKABudMan

    LKABudMan Grows In Soil: White Widow, Hindu Kush, & Purple Haze Fem Photos, FFHF Soil, Sponsored By Prescription Blend

    My first grow did not go quite as expected. I grew four plants in DWC, and planned to get clones before flipping to flower. Then I was going to grow the clones while the first plants flowered to start a two-tent perpetual grow. When I flipped to flower, though, the plants were really short...
  2. LKABudMan

    1st Grow: Jumping Into The Deep End, DWC

    It just became legal in Virginia to grow four plants a couple of months ago. I gave some old bag seed to my brother and father, and they both started growing in soil. I have some gardening experience, but I do not get good sun, and would prefer to grow indoors. I home-brewed previously, and...
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    jr plant
  4. Southerncough

    Sensi Seeds Hindu Kush In Coco 2018

    Greetings fellow growers! Thought I'd start the new year with a new strain/journal. Due to the seeds being difficult to obtain I've decided to pop one and possibly clone her to SOG a harvest and go from there. Because she's not a tropical strain I wanted to run her during our "coolest" time of...
  5. Lady Vadalon

    Cultivating In My Arboretum

    I just planted some: Afghani it is an indica, Hindu Kush is a pure indica, 707 Truthband 30% Sativa; 70% Indica, Amherst Sour Diesel 70% sativa; 30% indica and Strawberry Cough80% Sativa / 20% Indica Everything is from seeds I'm not sure how long I am going to Veg They will flower...
  6. K

    KTownJR's Buds/Strains Winter 2015

    Jack Herer Hindu Kush Blue Domino Unknown Hybrid(Grown in a old barn under MH clearly) OG Kush Diamond Phenotype The Hindu kush was the strongest medicine ive had in 10 years...nearly greened out one morning....Blue Domino is a Ottawa staple in...
  7. Epicannabis

    Epicannabis - Soil — LowRyder Hindu Kush Critical Cure — 2014

    Colleagues, Now that my only son is 18, becoming an individual, I have less to worry about the example I set and can revisit one of my passions that I had to set aside 18 years ago in California – growing cannabis at home. This grow journal is a bit atypical in that half of it is passed for...
  8. J

    1st Grow Journal - 2nd Grow Altogether - Help Appreciated

    Hello, this is my first grow journal, and my 2nd grow altogether. My first grow consisted of 1 Black Domina (Female) 1 Tahoe OG (Female, stressed to hermie ( :oops: )) and a 3 week later addition Sour Diesel (Female). All three of those were from seed, I was very thankful for the female turn...
  9. L

    Hindu Kush Hybrid Ruderalis & White Widow x Lowryder #2 - From Seed - AutoFlowering

    Hindu Kush latest pic @ 2 Weeks White Widow x Low Ryder #2 latest pic @ 2 Weeks
  10. Here To Learn

    Here To Learn Goes DWC

    Hi there 420 Magazine, it looks like the local police have decided to stop harassing me for now and since the way I grow is changing I figured I would make a new journal. I am currently flowering the last of plants that are in soil and three that are in spun rockwool in pots. These flowering...
  11. Odorous

    Odorous' 2nd Tent Grow - Hindu Kush

    <yawns> <stretches> Alright Round 2 *DING* Hey everyone, just got started on another grow tonight. A few changes tho since last time (if anyone was paying attention lol). Strain: Hindu Kush In/out: Indoor Medium: Soil (FFOF) Fertilizer: Unsure yet # of Plants: 10...
  12. S

    Indoor LED SCRoG grow - Blue Dream + Hindu Kush x Shiva Skunk

    This is a legal Medical Marijuana grow. I have grown many plants over the years and recently started growing cannabis although I have not yet documented a grow through an on-line grow journal. Since there is currently a lot of community interest in LED technology I figured others may be want to...
  13. StonyGeoff

    Stony's Super-Organic SCROG

    Ok here they are :-) They arrived today :ganjamon: I've been told they are a hybrid, Afghani and Hindu Kush, Indica. The medium is roughly 50% perlite, 50% worm castings and compost plus a few clay balls, it drains really well. The clones came rooted in small rockwool cubes, and...
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