1. Ron Strider

    Here's Why New York's Medical Marijuana Rules Are About To Change

    If you want to know why New York is set to change its rules and regulations around medical marijuana, all you have to do is show up at a local dispensary and start talking to patients. But first, be prepared for security. At Manhattan's first dispensary, located at the foot of the L train at...
  2. Ron Strider

    States Work To Help Marijuana Industry Reduce Power Costs

    Growing marijuana takes a lot of energy, which comes into conflict with state efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. Now, some places are helping the pot industry to become more energy efficient. ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: Growing marijuana can require a lot of electricity. That's become an obstacle in...
  3. Y

    CFL 345 watts distance from plant

    I'm 4 weeks into flowering. I have gradually added more cfls to a hood . It's very similar to a mh/hps hood. Its got 16 total bulbs. Everything I have read about cfl, it says to keep them like 3 in. And in the beginning that was possible. I think I am drying out the leaves and have began...
  4. Tiropita

    Heat problem - I think I have a solution but need input! Please advise

    Hello :welcome: I have a "friend" who has a grow tent that needs cooling down. It is a Secret Jardin L120. This tent has 2 sections; 1 veg and 1 flower. This is not ideal - but being a first set up, it was not realized until too late so that's what we deal with. Set up: 1x Secret Jardin...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Two New Marijuana Dispensaries Planned In Hood River

    Hood River's roster of marijuana dispensaries may soon grow to six. Two formerly vacant buildings will become retail cannabis outlets, according to business proposals submitted to local planning departments. A marijuana dispensary on the Heights, Evergreen Hood River, is nearly remodeled and...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    OR: County Board Hears Divergent Testimony On Marijuana

    The polarized debate over marijuana business rules moved up from an appointed planning panel to the Hood River County Board of Commissioners at a hearing Monday. Discussion was rooted in a set of time, place and manner (TPM) restrictions on the cannabis industry outside of the county's two...
  7. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Third Indoor Marijuana Grow Facility Planned In Odell

    Odell, a community known for its orchard views and fruit packing houses, is seeing growth in a new crop: marijuana. A 9,600-square-foot indoor marijuana growing and production facility has been proposed in the 3600 block of Lingren Road, which branches off Neal Creek Road on the...
  8. R

    Air Cooled vs Non Air Cooled

    Hi all Im planning a 5' X 5' X 7' tent with a 1000w MH/HPS combo. This will be my first run with the 1000w (previous 600w) and I'm worried about heat. So i guess the question is.... is it better to go with an air cooled hood and a passive intake on the tent or a normal hood with active...
  9. S

    Pakastani valley kush - 7 weeks into flower

    This is the Pakistani Valley Kush, crossed with something unknown. .. flowering for 7 weeks under 600w hps w/vented hood and fan cooled What yall think??
  10. Ferboldt

    Please help - Some advice about my setup

    Hi everyone, I have a small setup with an AeroGarden bounty. The led hood is LED 45w. It's a small closet and I would like to improve my lights. I was thinking about this product to support lower branches for my next grow. Do you guys think I will be fine if I add this or should I look for...
  11. B

    Grow-Kart hoods and bulb quality?

    I know they are a sponsor so they are a legit business. What I need to know is how good their products are. I am looking to buy 3- 8" hoods as well as MH and HPS bulbs. I noticed their prices were stupid cheap with free shipping and am afraid it might be a case of you get what you pay for...
  12. S

    Would like to build an air cooled hood

    I want to build an air cooled hood for a 400 watt light. I have seen some diy builds but none that went into detail. My biggest concern is the type/brand of glass to use to get the most out of my light and the materials that will not burn my place down.That means no duct tape or combustable...
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