Air Cooled vs Non Air Cooled


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Hi all

Im planning a 5' X 5' X 7' tent with a 1000w MH/HPS combo.

This will be my first run with the 1000w (previous 600w) and I'm worried about heat.

So i guess the question is.... is it better to go with an air cooled hood and a passive intake on the tent or a normal hood with active intake? I will have at 3 interior movement fans going too.

I've read as much as I can about it online I think, even down to the refraction of light from the glass hood (I was bored alright). But the time has come to ask people who know :)

thanks for the advice

Was your 600watt grow air cooled?? How were your Temps on the last grow? Can you lower your Temps if needed?

If u had high temperature issues with a 600 then I would definetly suggest a air cooled hood.. If you had low temp issues I would suggest a open hood. I like air cooled hoods because you can get them closer to the plants. I also live in a warm climate and I'm scared of the heat building up in my tent and I usually have to raise my light to almost the top of the tent with a 600.
hi Twox

I had a non cooled 6th HIS in a parabolic shade in a tent 4'x4'X about 6'6"

I didn't have heat problems as such but I would say I wasn't far off its max temps.

I like the idea of an air cooled hood for the same reasons you mentioned. You can get it as close as possible.

I've had a few people to ditch the air cooled hood idea and increase the air flow with an active intake.

So far I'm still on the air cooled hood train.

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