1. NoVentInMyHouse

    Help with lights

    Hi, i have tried to grow before, but since the shop didnt tell me that you can definitly not run a 600w hps in a 80cmx80cmx160cm (2,5x2,5) tent, well i burnt all my plants and with nowhere to take then, gone they were. So now, attempt number 2, i decided to ask the pro's for some help. So using...
  2. F

    1x Tangerine Dream, 2x Church, Soil, 1000W LED & 210W CFL 5.5k Nothing Too Crazy

    Decided to give a go at journalling this round. I don't have real concrete plans, as things got kind of screwy at the beginning. Room contents are as follows: TEMP ~69-74F RH 32% Sq.Ft(unknown currently. Approx. 8x5x5) 1000w LED + 2x105w CFL 5500k, 1x 24w 6400k CFL, 2x 3500k CFL 1x Tangerine...
  3. Growingasmile

    Do you think I have a male?

    More pics soon pretty sure its a girl
  4. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  5. Mars Hydro

    Did you buy real 1000W LED grow lights?

    Many suppliers sell 1000w led grow lights recently. It shows many growers are asking for 1000W led. But when you buy 1000W led, did you consider if your plants really need the leds with that high power? Is it real 1000w LED from the wall? If not, how can we judge how many watt lights is suitable...
  6. Mosspb

    4x4, First DWC, Bubbleponics, Charlotte's Web Clones

    Light: 1000w MH/HPS (First time growing with this, and a bit nervous about the heat, and power bill lol) Ballast: Adjustable from 600w-1000w MH and HPS Shade: Cooling tube Tent: 4x4 pop up Filter: 6' Carbon Filter Water Pump: Aquatop NP-80 Aquarium Submersible Pump Air Pump: 4 outlet pump (I...
  7. Phaaaze

    Phaaaze's Multi Strain 1000W HPS Grow 2018

    Backstory: Hello, I've been browsing and reading grow journals on this forum for over a year and others for many more. This is my first time starting a grow journal or joining a forum at all, but I've learned so much from reading on this forum I thought why not see what I can give back and...
  8. I

    Has anyone used these LED lights?

    Has anyone used one of these lights from ebay ? I plan to use a 1000W Hanging LED Grow Light Panel Indoor Veg Full Spectrum Power UK in a 80x80x120. Ive used cfl and hps lights before in larger tents so i know how hot they get and this time i want to try LED lights but im not sure if this light...
  9. tokes

    First Journal: 4x1000W Stealth Indoor Grow

    Really looking forward to documenting and sharing our journey over the next several months with everyone. Been a huge fan of these forums for years now and am excited to finally join the conversation. At the moment we're still in the process of setting up our main space but we should have all of...
  10. ckenney82

    Plants stunted when moved from floro to 1000W LED

    Hey guys 1000w led Specifications: - Dimension: 12.2x8.26x2.36 inches - Replaces a 400 watt HPS/MH - Item Weight: 6.62 pounds - Full spectrum for all stages of plant growth - Core Coverage Area: 3.4ft x 3.8ft at 24" Height - LEDs Angle: 90° - 100pcs Double Chips 10W Bridgelux/Epileds...
  11. N

    First Grow Journal - NZ Unknown Strain - 1000W - Soil - 4x4 Tent

    High green friends this is my third indoor grow but Today, I start my first journal! I've had my grow going for 5 weeks now. 4 weeks in veg and 6 days of flowering, so we kinda start in the middle of things. Ok Now for the Basics: Light for Vegetative 750W LED light (Chinese but it seems...
  12. F

    4x5 flower tent

    Hi Ive jus started to setup my 4ft x 5ft flower area. Would i be best using 2 x 600w or 1 x 1000w lamp? Got ballests already and air cooled reflectors if needed. I could also get a light mover on the 1000w if needed. Thanks all.
  13. A

    First Time Grow, Auto Amnesia & OG Kush

    Under 1000w 100x10w chips Full spectrum LED Panel
  14. purpcaper

    First Post - LED For Grow Tent

    Hello, Everyone I am new here and am needing some help. Trying to keep this as simple as possible. To general agreement I am looking for 1000w for my 5 x 5 Can someone please god clear this up for me. Do I need a led light advertised as 1000w Or Do I need one with actual 1000w pull...
  15. N

    Heat stress or something else?

    Greetings 420Mag Forums. Just wondering if someone with far more experience than I (Which is practically anyone as this is my first grow) could give these pics a quick gander and let me know if I'm looking at heat stress or something else. Grow info : This is day 22 from seed...
  16. S

    1000W Indoor Nirvana WW & Master Kush Soil Grow

    Seeds are nirvana ww and master kush feminized. Soil is peat moss/perlite, not treated with lime. Ph is 7.5 1000w digital ballast with cool tube with 10" gale force inline fan. Temps are 73 stable, humidity is 63 but sometimes 70. Fan was added today. Using jacks classic 20-20-20 at half...
  17. rct420

    5x5x7 1000W First Grow: 4 Feminized Seeds, Week 2

    Underneath 240w 5000k shop light right now . This is my first grow . And first journal so let's see how it goes . STARTED APRIL 28TH , 2017 IPower 1000w HPS Bulb , Cooltube, and Digital Ballast . ONLY FOR FLOWER 240w 5000k Shop Light . ONLY FOR VEG IPower 8" Inline Fan 765cfm...
  18. Growgurl

    9x9 tent lighting set up - Help needed!

    Hi all, I really need some help on this. I have a 9x9ft gorilla tent and am currently running 4 x Amare SE 450 Led's in there. They are awesome for veg but have just found that for flower they are not giving me the weight that I desire. I was wanting to change from LED to bulbs and...
  19. coralman

    750w 5x5

    So im growing in a 5x5 tent with 1000w dimmable 6" rhino fan running on full speed vented through chimney. On 1000w my temps are hitting 30-31c (87f), if flicked down to 750w my temps stay perfect around 25-27c so do you think the 750w with good temps will be more efficient than running 1000w...
  20. T

    GS1000 1000W High Power LED Grow Light Is Coming

    Hey Friends, 1000W high power led grow light is coming.. Here are the parameters with pictures.
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