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  1. T

    GS1000 1000W high power led grow light is coming.

    Hey Friends, 1000W high power led grow light is coming.. Here are the parameters.
  2. coralman

    Veg time under weaker lights

    Hi just so you can understand my question better il give you a quick insight into my set up, i currently have a 1000w 5x5 tent for growing but have purchased a small veg tent with 150w cfl for vegging so i can have a perpetual grow and use the 1000w 5x5 as flower room. So my question will the...
  3. J

    1000W LEDs for first time grow

    Longtime lurker - first time grower. Any advice much appreciated. I am looking into buying a 1000W LED Grow Light For Plants' Flowering Stage With Double Chip 10w Leds Factory Price Growlight Plant Lamp From Qkwinled, $81.41 or Recommeded High Cost Effective 1000w Led Grow Light With 9 Band...
  4. coralman

    Critical Kush - Coco - 1000W - 5x5

    This is my first serious indoor grow so will need help as i go along so thanks in advance to the people subbed.... 5x5 Roof cube 1000w dual spec with dimmable ballast cool tube rhino 6inch fan and filter Growin Critical Kush from barneys farm 5 gallon pots Coco Fox farm trio with advanced cal...
  5. M

    Exodus Cheese & Sour Tangie Scrog 1000W 1.2x1.2m

    In this grow my setup is a 1.2x1.2M tent with 1x 6" intake and 1x 6" out-take, Maxibright 1000W dim-able ballast, a Parabolic Renevado shae, 1000W full red bulb for flowering and 600W metal halide for veg, 2x RAM desk fans, a Mist Pro 7 humidifier and EcoTechnics faan controller. I created...
  6. M

    Time to harvest?

    Just let me know what you think. Day 54. Under 1000w mh and 1000w hps.
  7. C

    Lights too close or 1000W too strong?

    Hey guys I bumped my 11 and 7 day old plants up from 750w to 1000w today and the 7 day Dutch Treat is starting to lean and grow away from the light and leaves are drooping. The light is 33" away from the tops, is it too close or too much power for the 7 day old plants?
  8. M

    Sour Tangie - Mr.Auxins Pheno - 1000W - 1.2x1.2m Scrog Single Plant 60 Litre Biobizz

    In this grow my setup is a 1.2x1.2x2M tent with 1x 6" intake and 1x 6" out-take, with Maxibright 1000w dim-able ballast, 1000w Full red bulb for flowering and 600w Metal Halide for veg, 2x RAM desk fans, a Mist Pro 7 humidifier and EcoTechnics fan controller. The plant is DNA Genetics Sour...
  9. onewarmguy

    Rules for magnetic ballasts?

    Hey folks, I got an amazing deal on a used 1000W HPS system, 48" reflector, MH/HPS magnetic ballast and 2 HPS bulbs. I'm thinking that 1000W is a little much for 2 plants, which is all I ever have growing, can I use a 400 or 600 bulb with the 1000W ballast? Or is that a no no? Also how much...
  10. R

    Air Cooled vs Non Air Cooled

    Hi all Im planning a 5' X 5' X 7' tent with a 1000w MH/HPS combo. This will be my first run with the 1000w (previous 600w) and I'm worried about heat. So i guess the question is.... is it better to go with an air cooled hood and a passive intake on the tent or a normal hood with active...
  11. G

    1000W Gavita or 2x 600W SunSystems 4x8 tent?

    Hey everyone! I think the title is pretty self explanatory, but basically my question is this... Im setting up a 4x8 grow tent and have the option of using one 1000W Gavita Pro Double Ended or using two 600W SunSystems Single ended. My fear with the Gavita is that I will not be able to keep it...
  12. M

    Thoughts on new light setup for flowering?

    I'm just looking for a little input here. This is a indoor setup, (2) 4x8x8 tents, soil, emerald harvest nutrients, dominator xxxl hoods, MH and HPS lights. I'm currently running a 1000w MH in my veg tent. It's getting close to flower time and I'm a little undecided on how I want to run...
  13. B

    Using American 1000W digital ballasts in the UK?

    Hi all, Apologies if this seems like a stupid question. I've noticed the price of 1000W digital ballasts (specifically the Quantum Series dimmables on fleabay) in the US is massively cheaper than in the UK (even including shipping). Would it be possible to use these in the UK with a 3 pin...
  14. T

    1000w 5x5 tent set up help

    I have a 5x5x7 grow tent with a 1000w xxxl cool hood hid light. 2-6" inline fans for cool hood and tent cooling 1-8" vortex fan for charcoal air scrubber. Where I'm stuck is yeild. I want to make sure I get the best yeilds possible. Should I go with many small autos (10-20) or 5 large...
  15. N

    Yellow leaves?

    Hi firstly.I am writing to you in Turkey so privacy is so inportant for me.I have lots of bad things on my plant.Their leafs are yellow I dont know why they are like this.My lamb is 1000w hps and have a fan and- ventilator my room not more hot.tempature is good and height is 100 cm(1...
  16. S

    Hydro - 1000W Double Ended Bulbs - First Time Using

    :welcome: Whats up all!! Wanted to document my first run using DOUBLE ENDED (DE) bulbs. Now keep in mind that I am still somewhat a newb as well, but have some great help and guidance. So, hopefully things will go smoothly without too many hitches. Info.... 2x 1000W DE bulbs/wing reflectors...
  17. G

    Perpetual Grow - 2 Tents - 400W MH - 1000W HPS

    Pic coming soon
  18. D

    Returning beginner

    I had a large grow room over 20 years ago. 12 X 1000w HPS (flower) and 1 X 1000w MH (Veg, clones, mothers) I used a flood and drain system, with each 1000wHPS table holding about 40 mesh cups. Since then I've been reading a lot and watching UTube videos, and I can see I have a lot of new...
  19. BlazingBill

    D.I.Y. Grow Light 1000w

    Hey all, I have been reading alot about people wanting to build their own led grow lights. Gonna take a crack at it since the led grow light prices are going up, Being on disability ya cant afford much so this will be around the same price as buying a 1000w hps.
  20. Timmo

    I'm considering switching from horizontal to vertical

    My bloom room is 4x8, 7' high. I have a 1000w HPS with adjustable ballast, plus two 400 watters--one HPS, one MH--that currently share a hood but can be separated. Adding more lights, beyond maybe some low-watt CFLs, isn't an option--I'm maxing out the circuit that powers my barn, where the...
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