How many CFM to cool 4 600w hoods?


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Im setting up a 12x8 grow room with 2 rows of 4 - 600w lights. I plan on using a 6" vortex fan for intake, and a carbon filter>8" fan for exhaust. I am guessing it would be best to cool the lights separately so plan on using 2 other fans and go from basement air>hood>hood>hood>hood>outside. What size fan will I need to cool these sets of 4 lights?

Also if you feel like it how many cfm should the intake fan be and how many should the exhaust fan be? Rooms cubic ft is 12 x 9 x 8= 864 cu ft.

I would aim for about 600 cfm to cool those lines.

If you're sealing the lights are you going with an air-conditioner?

Not going with AC basement doesn't get that hot and trying to keep electric bill down. Have all air cooled hoods so rather than run them open I'm just gonna cool them and then have active intake from basement air and a carbon filter and exhaust fan out the basement window. Sounds right for a non-sealed room approach right?
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