Heat problem - I think I have a solution but need input! Please advise


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Hello :welcome:

I have a "friend" who has a grow tent that needs cooling down. It is a Secret Jardin L120. This tent has 2 sections; 1 veg and 1 flower. This is not ideal - but being a first set up, it was not realized until too late so that's what we deal with.

Set up:
1x Secret Jardin L120 tent
1x 4" Exhaust inline fan
1x 6" Computer intake fan
1x 8-12" Oscillating fan, canopy level
1x Mini fan at the top moving air around (above the light hood).
1x 400W HPS NON AIR COOLED HOOD! The hood was gifted from a friend and has no glass to close it up. Not sure there is enough room to even have an air cooled hood to be honest so that is not an option.

When the veg area is not in use, there is a flap that is normally left open but currently cannot have it open due to light coming from the veg area. The temps are normally 27C in the flower zone when the veg area is not in use... Yesterday the veg area was started back up and due to the furnace heating the basement a bit over night - the flower area was discovered to be at 33C this morning. Sound the alarm! It has never hit this kind of temp. I hope ~8 hours or so of this temp will not cause severe damage?! The leaves showed some cupping.

The tent is at a far end of a basement and not close to a window therefore a portable A/C unit has been ruled out.

I had this idea and would love your input on it:

They want to get 1 or 2 clip on fans and clip them on the light hood, point them at the light and blow in the direction of my exhaust fan. I really think this may help out quite a bit. They would love to spend as little as possible but will shell out a bit to save the crop.

The other option is to shut down the veg area and grow in batches rather than the goal of having something perpetual.

Any input is appreciated!

Thanks so much :Namaste::thanks:

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Ok, well - I put my idea to the test and reduced the temperatures by 5 degrees C.

I attached a clip on fan on my light reflector with the fan pointed at the lights in the direction of my exhaust fan and voila.

I would suggest this to anyone seeking solutions to cool their tent especially if they do not have an air cooled light.

You can add ($$$) fans to hit your plants, open vents, add incoming air or outgoing air... but your solution may be as simple as pointing an inexpensive clip on fan directly at the heat source.

I hope this helps someone!

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