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I am new to the forum and would love some input. I want to run two tents. 1 2x4x5 with a 200w solar flare veg master for vegging and a cfl in a bowl clamp for my mother plant with a 4 in inline for exhaust and a small clip fan. Also want a 4x4 secret jardin with 2 lumatek 400w with eye MH blue bulbs. Air cooled hoods with 6 in inline and a 6 in inline exhaust with 2 clip fans inside. Going all organic. TLO style!!
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:welcome: looks like you got it all figured out, looks like a good plan, what medium do you plan on using, dirt? hydro? How many successful grows under your belt? So much to learn, but you'll find it ll here. You should look at popular "journals in progress", then strt your own, you will get lots of help by asking specific questions with pictures. :goodluck:

Have you read the TLO book? I'd start there.

"For those that do not grow organically, I recommend you give it a try; you'll be amazed at the quality of organic buds, and you'll be helping the earth. In "True Living Organics", TLO The Rev (Cultivation Editor at Skunk Magazine) takes us one level higher than the 'organic' gardens many of us (including myself) have become familiar with."
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I am a new grower. Haven't ever grow anything. Been doing research for 2 months now. Planning on buying next month. I am using soil. Any tips will help. I want to use the Scrog setup but i want something easy for our first grow
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i'm a newb so no advice but i can say welcome and cannot wait to see your first harvest
may it out do your wildest dreams
good luck and take care :welcome: :goodluck:
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Hi There,

Another in a long line of caring newbies hoping your grow will be successful. I'm sure you'll find the help you need. Congrats on getting started!:bravo:
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Im trying!! I talk to all of these old school growers and they are telling me i amdoing it all wrong. But atleast im not still watching my vhs tapes on my tube tv and riding in my horse and buggy. They dont believe in technology. They tell me leds are worthless. And to only use hps bulbs. Why do i keep hearing this?!?!
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hps is still the king but recent technology has brought led lighting a long way in the last year or so
time will tell
take care and :goodluck:
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