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    TaoTronics Humidifier & ThermoPro Humidity & Temp Control
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    Batcrazy's 1st Time White Widow Grow!

    Greetings fellow 420er's! My name is Batcrazy and this is my very first grow. I'm really excited about this! I'm a medical marijuana user and am growing White Widow (60% Indica dominant), and using a small (2 gallon) DWC system. I am 5 days into this and all six seeds have popped, although only...
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    Help Greatly Appreciated Re: Humidity

    I have everything set up trying to work out kinks b4 my first grow.. u can't keep the humidity above 50% without turning my filter off. Here's the specs. 4wx8lx8h gorilla tent 2 1000w MH & 2 600w HPS for flower (with hoods) Currently have the 6 in fan conected w/ catbon filter in the tent...
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    Humidity when lights off

    Hey all I've seen multiple topics about this. Basically increase temperature to lower humidity. I have this issue when lights off it creeps to 50s to 60s RH. I have my exhaust off when lights off. I have a 220w tube heater on ground level. Temp when lights off is around 18degrees Celsius...
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    It's good to transport a late flowering plant outside at the day and inside at night?

    I have a feminized indica called purple bud and now I am close to harvest (5'5 months) I grow this in my balcony with very good amount of sun during summer but after the humidity start turning very high so I take my plant inside the house 10 days before but in the place I have it it doesn't get...
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    Humidity problems

    Hey everyone, I'm having a hard time Keeping my humidity above 50%. I have a boiler pan that I keep water in to evaporate, but it doesn't do much. 38-48. Its steadt at 80 degrees. canopy is what my guess is, there isnt much evapoation. I have a Ven-tech 4 ich scrubber. I imagine that isnt...