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  1. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  2. White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

    White Widow Grown Under A Mars Hydro ll 700w

  3. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (6).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (6).JPG

    Cali OG # 2
  4. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (5).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (5).JPG

    Cali OG # 1
  5. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (4).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (4).JPG

    DP # 2
  6. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (3).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (3).JPG

    DP # 1
  7. Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    Day25feb24 Day 2 week 2 veg (2).JPG

    GC # 2
  8. Cheese1 57.jpg

    Cheese1 57.jpg

    Cheese 1 day 57
  9. MadHatterJack

    MadHatterJack's Indoor Soil & Soilless Grow Journal 2017

    Hey Guys, MadHatterJack here and I have finally decided to share my mad scientist grow in time for halloween and create a grow journal. :high-five: Info Strain:Durban Kush non-feminized (Apricot Kush x Durban Poison) from Ancestral Seeds Indica Dominant, unknown percentage. 3 Weeks...
  10. L

    1000W LED Cotton Candy Kush Indoor Hydroponic Grow - 4th Grow - Still Learning

    Hello people of 420M! New guy here. I have been reading these forums for years to pick up tips and such but i decided to start a Grow Journal here so hopefully i can get better advice from experienced growers. So to start, here is what I am working with.... I have currently 3 small...
  11. A

    First Grow White Widow 2x 600w Mh/HPS

    :volcano-smiley: So I've decided to grow pot. Mostly to save money because I smoke so much and also because its something I've always wanted to do and now that I'm older I have the means and the space so why not, right! Disclaimer: I have done research and I have tried to do my do...
  12. P

    Grow Room Tips & Advice

    Hey All! First time poster here. I've been doing some research and have some questions I was hoping the experts could shed some light on (full pun intended). I'll give some background info first. I've been starting to plan my first grow (for personal use), and will be setting up indoors...
  13. lxstnr

    Lx's Grow Journey - 2017

    Hey all, thought Id start a new thread for all of my growing adventures, I will be following both MY outdoor and Indoor grows. Firstly, MY indoor grow. As my previous grow is just about wrapped up, I am just about to start my next indoor round. I am starting 3 strains currently, hoping for...
  14. L

    Help - Heat burn on my seedling

    Hey everyone! I was just looking to see if anyone could give me any advice on my poor seedling. I came home late from work last night and found that the light had came undone and burned my seedling pretty bad, my question is should I start over or is it possible for this little lady to recover...
  15. wanabegrower

    Organic Soil - P Express, Skywalker, Granddaddy Blueberry, W Russian, Green Crack

    What strains: White Russian, Skywalker, Pineapple Express,Granddaddy Blueberry(purple berry), and last (Green Crack X Tragic) all in seedling stage this is how I got there 24hr soaking in cup of water on 4/22/2017 then into wet paper towels in ziplock sandwich baggies 4/23/2017 after...
  16. C

    Help! Plants are sagging - Not sure what the problem is

    First time grower, had a problem with sagging/curling leaves before, but CalMag solved that very easily. The plants were looking great for awhile, but the last week or so one of them really started to sag and drop, and the other one is now doing the same, I'm 4-5 weeks into growing these. Am...
  17. dc534

    Stinkyfish's Secret Hydro Grow Journal #1

    Welcome and thanks for stopping by. This is my 1st real attempt at growing indoors in a hydroponic setup. Strains: (1) Northern Lights; (1) Blueberry Stage: Both plants are vegging on day 19 since being germinated Setup: Grow Room - 30" x 18" x 36" Grow Tent Lighting - 300W LED...
  18. H

    1st timer - Medicinal CCO is my goal

    Hello all, I've been lurking for several weeks reading and researching. I'm 30, male, US. I've never posted anything, on any site before, ever lol. I don't have social media and enjoy being outdoors and helping others. I regularly burn flower for its mellowing effects on my sometimes intense...
  19. HashGirl

    Felonious Punk's & HashGirl's First Indoor Auto Grow - 2017

    Hello. Felonious Punk and I are starting our first indoor auto grow and since we're planting the seeds tomorrow, we thought we should start the journal tonight. I'm going to post some photos and then Felonious will post some info and we'll go from there. The basic information is that we're...
  20. Isazam01

    Indoor Grow - 300W Mars - GH Flora Series/Botanicare Pure Blend Pro - 1st Time Grow

    Hello guys i started my first grow a months ago for personal use and a little money saver with some seeds that came on my medical cannabis its my very first time i really like somking weed and enjoy and now i really enjoy this about growing and i want to get more into it iam excited lol iam...
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