indoor to outdoor

  1. GrowerGal

    Indoors to Balcony - Advice Needed

    Hi all, First time grow. 5th week. Pre-flowers showing. I'm starting indoors and then I want to take them out mid-May to mid-June (North American weather). I'm growing under weaker lighting (2x 65w and 1x 100w bulbs) and am hoping the sun does the rest. I get minimum 6 hours of direct...
  2. P

    Moving plant outdoors & reversing light cycle

    Hello budmasters! My first grow, in a 2x4x5 tent, with dark-heart clones. I purchased 4, thinking I would lose one in the process due to general incompetence. Although I had a runt early on, I've kept all 4 until now because they are still all healthy, but over-crowded. So I decided to take...
  3. Smoke2Js

    Sensi Star Clone Outdoors

    Hey Ya'll, Smoke2Js here with another Journal. I have a Sensi Star clone that I picked up at BPG. I have a few picks of her. I veged her indoors on 24 hour Cfls I used Both veg and flower spectrum lights. I decided to move her outdoors a day ago. I live right on the 38th parallel. I am expecting...
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