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  1. 4

    Whats wrong with my seedlings?

    Can some one tell whats wrong with this seedlings? It's pineapple express auto, in week 1 leaves looks kind of yellow curly. im feeding them with quarter doze of Fox farm nutrient and cal-mag ppm 330, tap water ppm130 ,ph around 5.8-6 temp is always around 75 and humidity around 70 so...
  2. Niwashi

    Best RaspberyPi Grow Room Software

    Hi All, Not sure if I am posting this in the right place. I was split between this sub form and the DIY one. New to the forums. Decided to sprout some seeds on a whim and just finished ordering up a 4x4 tent and some lights :) I travel a fair amount for work and want to set up an automated...
  3. UnFazeHaze


    I'm new to these forums and looking to learn about growing. I am a 30 year old female with a green thumb growing my first cannabis plant and she looks good. Except for some curling leaf tips. I believe I did great for my first time.
  4. G

    Need help! Yellow leaves on budsites

    Hi, Im on 8th week of flower on my high THC unknown strain, been feeding it with Gold Label Soil in the same ratio as ive been doing since 2nd week of flower; A+B - 2ml/L PK - 0,5ml/L MG - 0,5ml/L Enzyme - 0,1ml/L Im currently seeing 20% clear and 80% cloudy trichomes. Some of the lower...
  5. H

    My baby's going wrong! Please check here!

    Hey guys, i'm a New grower, and my little babys looks like Not feeling great..Details: Sensi seeds skunk#1 feminised. Indoor, 400w hps 100x100x200cm, 18/6, 9 plant alive, almost 2 weeks from seedling. I think is a problem my hps is very close to my plants, but i realyse that and now 120cm...
  6. M

    Strange flowering? White Widow Auto RQS

    Hi there just got into week 5/6 of flower ive only grown 2 plants before this and this plant seems to be growing strangely but looks cool, like a web (white widow :D) of tiny bud sites as you can see at the back Afghan Kush to be chopped tomorrow looks fine, no idea if its normal surely doesn't...
  7. O

    Thanks for the good advice

    Thank you everybody for the great advice. One more question. I have three ww autoflowers with an led 600 watt light. It looks like they could take more light. What is optimal wattage?
  8. C

    My weed looks like a cactus

    My weed plant is growing weird. Looks like a little cactus. Really puffy body with long white hairs. Anyone seen this before?
  9. B

    Plant problems - Please help

    my plants are 2 weeks old and i feed with canna nutrients 2ml aqua A + 2ml aqua B + 2ml rhizotonic + 2.5ml cannazym + 2ml mono CAL + 2 ml mono MAG ( it says 1-2 ml per liter of water ) i have phed my water after adding the nutes on one of the plants it looks like it has some rust ...it looks...
  10. B

    Plant deficiency

    my plants are 2 weeks old and i feed with canna nutrients aqua + 2ml rhizotonic + 2.5ml cannazym + 2ml mono CAL + 2 ml mono MAG ( it says 1-2 ml per liter of water ) i have phed my water after adding the nutes on one of the plants it looks like it has some rust ...it looks like calcium...
  11. M

    Flowering progress - Worth keeping?

    Hi, This is my first dwc grow. I have 2 plants on the end of the 5th week. I was wondering if the plants are in a good progress. I have one indica and one sativa. On the end of the 3rd week I have broken a stemp of the sativa. The indica looks like she's progressing well, however...
  12. C

    Hello - New member

    Hi. My first post. This looks like the right place. :cheer2:
  13. S

    Why are my plants dying?

    Hi guys, i'm on my second grow now. The first one went pretty well (4 Ak auto's). This time round i am growing 3 Afghan kush ryder and one auto ak. The AK is doing very well, all green and budding. My 3 afghans seem to be budding well, but each day the leaves are dying off. It's went from no...
  14. K

    Government Marijuana Looks Nothing Like The Real Stuff

    When you were younger you probably heard of teenagers getting fooled into buying ziplock bags of scrunched-up oregano, thinking it was marijuana. While pranking teens tends to be pretty easy, is the government just as gullible? Many people questioning the quality of marijuana research findings...
  15. E

    Super Silver Haze?

    Hey guys... This is my second post, I tried to do a search but could not really find the info I need. I got a crop king AutoFlower Fem MIX. I started 4 germinated seeds that were put into soil on 12/15. I harvested 1 plant at the 10 week mark which had to have been a Lowryder since it...
  16. H

    Electrical component question for wiring driver to AC power cord

    okay guys quick question.. i have a driver, and an ac power cord. both have 3 wires. solder them together, boom the wire has power.... AND there are 3 AC leads left exposed. my question is what options or products exist to insulate that wire, preferably in a weatherproof and/or...
  17. L


    Haven't been able to watch these guys close enough due to work issues.. My Master Cush looks 'meaty' or different than what I'm used to. I see no balls but.. Any opinions on plant sex? She's 2 weeks into flower
  18. H

    Hello! 420

    Hi everyone. I am not only new here but also new to growing. My research has led me here and from browsing around a bit it looks like I can learn a lot from the 420 members. Looking forward to being part of the community.
  19. D

    Leaves shrinking & crispy & dying off

    Setup: 400 Hps light and shade, 3 gallon fabric pot, watering everytime the top inch of soil is dry, giving nutrients every feed or so. Ome DAY I wake up and the plant looks like this and it looks fine (apart from the yellowing but I think that's nutrient defficiency I need to take care of)...
  20. B

    New Grower - Please Help

    Hey guys I'm growing auto purp and it's my first grow. And it looks like my plant is slowly dying but idk it looks to me like it's nutrient burn. Can someone please help me identify if it is or if its something else, also is it to like to even fix this? or is to much damage already done?