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  1. O

    Male or female?

    First grow. Can't really tell myself but week 2 of veg. Just curious to others opinions. Is it a boy or girl?
  2. V


    I’m probably the ‘greenest’ newcomer here ... I just love gardening in general & thought ‘why not’ give this a shot too? I’m referring back to this website almost daily for knowledge, so I thought I’d go ahead & join :) I’m watching my 2 babies very carefully & noticed this today (see photo).
  3. C

    First time grower

    Hi, growing outside in a greenhouse. I have a question, by the looks of these pics, does anyone of them look like a possible male plant?
  4. Getting Close!!

    Getting Close!!

  5. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  6. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  7. meejay

    Seems (feels) like a female? What do you think?

    Hi there, I was checking on my first grow and just realized something I was looking for. She is still in 24/0 vegetative stage but what I saw on above 6th branching seemed a sign of a female plant to me. Below you may find the photos. What do you think? Is she a SHE?
  8. E

    Male or Female?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been growing some seeds found in my outdoor grow last year and trying to determine if one is a male early in the vegetative state. The plant shot up in height much faster then others germinated at the same time which I understand is a common thing with male plants. Can...
  9. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    #2 Male
  10. Afghani #1

    Afghani #1

    Put some pants on dude.
  11. 4FD6AD3B-0E4B-47F1-A555-149E536075CC.jpeg


  12. 359C4302-4188-49F4-96D9-8D03D44150F3.jpeg


  13. 5B07BD2D-D35B-4D4E-81DB-F9C2C35E4826.jpeg


    Lavender Male
  14. 7127EDD5-EC89-495D-92C1-15F9E7C373A4.jpeg


  15. 960CA7B3-B977-4BDD-B8DC-7D5359151FE1.jpeg


    Chopping up the male as I discovered him..
  16. 2457BF7C-572C-4FEB-814A-786833793AFC.jpeg


    Undercover male Euphoric Wonder Widow
  17. GMOpunch x goji og male

    GMOpunch x goji og male

  18. Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Male Pre-flowers bubble gum.
  19. Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum Male Pre Flowers
  20. 20200103_190221.jpg


    Male pre flowers 10 week old Bubble Gum
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