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  1. HugePeckerhead

    Experimental Grow: Sexting Seeds Prior To Germination Using Old Myths & Seed Chart, Micro Grow

    Hi there everyone. Today another member and I ( @GHempster ) were on the idea of sexting a normal seed prior to germination. Prior to this discussion I've browsed through countless sites in search of myths and methods. Question is....is it possible to tell the sex of a plant just looking at the...
  2. M

    Pollen viability

    Hello all! I have a male plant that is just hanging on and the sacs haven’t burst yet. I was wondering if the pollen would still be viable if they don’t mature enough to burst. There are several that are almost there, I’m hoping the plant matures in time. Thanks a lot!
  3. IMG_5759.JPG


    White Widow x Wonder Woman dude
  4. 4760D9FF-CC71-4C95-A00A-A4579B9E4B41.jpeg


    Male white widow x wonder woman
  5. GypsyGirl420

    Northern Lights Male

  6. A

    Is this a male?

    Hi guys i'm growing autoflowers outside. Both cbd and thc. This one is none feminized auto cbd. It looks like a male to me but its my first grow. Can you pros please help a nub? Thanks in advance
  7. H

    Another Is This An Hermaphrodite? post

    Cut a handful of clones from my plant a couple weeks into flower. Almost all rooted and are showing signs of revegging. This one looks like the stress might have popped a nut. What do you think? I'm pretty sure it's a ball but in the last pic it does look a lot like the calyx on the lower node.


    SEX ???? This is right under the other node that is showing Female Parts... Is it not mature yet.. Or Is A HERMIE
  9. J Obadiah

    Preflower? Need another eye

    I found what seems like little pre-flowers on my Purple Princess. I attached pics from different angles usimg a magnifying glass in front of my phone so I hope their clear enough. I think that, if they're indeed pre-flowers, the plant may be Male. :eek::nervous-guy: This plant is one of my most...
  10. Growingasmile

    Do you think I have a male?

    More pics soon pretty sure its a girl
  11. P

    Is this a male plant

    Hey four hundred and twenty people, I have never seen a Male plant in person, can anyone confirm that this is a male?
  12. Growingasmile

    Is this a male part?

    Here's to hoping.
  13. 1BD213DA-4216-4B00-A75C-3E751F6EF91C.jpeg


    Confirmed male parts ? From The one white widow x atf I had to sadly throw away .
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  15. Lungbutterorbs

    99% sure this is Male?

    Unfortunately the nicest looking plant i have seems to be a male.. Can anyone experienced confirm this for me?
  16. IMG_4862.JPG


    Acapulco pollen brench after treatment in bubbler
  17. 7ShortStack105.JPG


    That is what this is all about. Growing strong roots!
  18. 6ShortStack105.JPG


    I watered some dirt off.
  19. 5ShortStack105.JPG


    There were some meaty roots in the middle!
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