1. 7ShortStack105.JPG


    That is what this is all about. Growing strong roots!
  2. 6ShortStack105.JPG


    I watered some dirt off.
  3. 5ShortStack105.JPG


    There were some meaty roots in the middle!
  4. 4ShortStack105.JPG


    It took a while to expose this many roots. Many were lost on the sides and especially the bottom in the effort
  5. 3ShortStack105.JPG


    Roots ALL around the sides!
  6. 2ShortStack105.JPG


    Roots ALL the way around the bottom...
  7. 1ShortStack105.JPG


    Last few moments...
  8. IMG_20180406_182158.jpg


    Ultra Dawg 1 male
  9. IMG_20180315_161551.jpg


    Apollo 13 3 male
  10. IMG_20180315_161607.jpg


    Apollo 13 3
  11. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

  12. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

  13. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

  14. Midnight snow x Led Gooey

    Midnight snow x Led Gooey

  15. F

    New grower from Central Oregon needing help

    Hello all! I am a new grower and am having a heck of a time determining the sex of these two plants. They are about 8 weeks old. I figure one of the pro eyes here might be able to help. Thanks.
  16. A

    Breeding Questions

    hi everyone. I am a new member but not New to growing. I wanted to start a small thread on breeding So I have a solid gene mother that I've had for about 4 years, and I'm at the point in my growing adventure that I would like to start a small breeding program. After doing lots and lots of...
  17. reidy2018

    How to get seed from a favourite female plant without a male

    Hi everyone , got a question to ask growers I've got a favourite female plant and would like to get seed of this plant I have not got a male to pollinate this nice female any ideas to get seed from this plant without a male plant, :volcano-smiley:
  18. B

    Need help sexing in veg

    Is this a male?
  19. OlderStoner

    Pollinating Female With A Male From Same Parent

    I have two plants grown from seed that I know are from the same mother plant. One of them has just shown it's sex and is a male. While I can't be sure about the other yet, it does look like it's a female. However, as one can easily see, they are brother and sister, if you will. I would like to...
  20. J

    Male or female?

    Is this a male or female? I'm new to this and I'm hoping I don't have a male