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  1. meejay

    Seems (feels) like a female? What do you think?

    Hi there, I was checking on my first grow and just realized something I was looking for. She is still in 24/0 vegetative stage but what I saw on above 6th branching seemed a sign of a female plant to me. Below you may find the photos. What do you think? Is she a SHE?
  2. E

    Male or Female?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been growing some seeds found in my outdoor grow last year and trying to determine if one is a male early in the vegetative state. The plant shot up in height much faster then others germinated at the same time which I understand is a common thing with male plants. Can...
  3. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    #2 Male
  4. Afghani #1

    Afghani #1

    Put some pants on dude.
  5. 4FD6AD3B-0E4B-47F1-A555-149E536075CC.jpeg


  6. 359C4302-4188-49F4-96D9-8D03D44150F3.jpeg


  7. 5B07BD2D-D35B-4D4E-81DB-F9C2C35E4826.jpeg


    Lavender Male
  8. 7127EDD5-EC89-495D-92C1-15F9E7C373A4.jpeg


  9. 960CA7B3-B977-4BDD-B8DC-7D5359151FE1.jpeg


    Chopping up the male as I discovered him..
  10. 2457BF7C-572C-4FEB-814A-786833793AFC.jpeg


    Undercover male Euphoric Wonder Widow
  11. GMOpunch x goji og male

    GMOpunch x goji og male

  12. Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Bubble Gum male pre_flowers

    Male Pre-flowers bubble gum.
  13. Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum male

    Bubble Gum Male Pre Flowers
  14. 20200103_190221.jpg


    Male pre flowers 10 week old Bubble Gum
  15. Pollen Collection

    Pollen Collection

  16. Boys room

    Boys room

  17. DarionOzb

    This is a male plant, isn't it?

    Hi Guys new grower...plants started flowering recently.... Trying to see if this ones a male.... Imma be so heart broken if it is... :( :( :(
  18. Shiva Skunk Male sac

    Shiva Skunk Male sac

  19. Shiva Skunk Male pollen sac

    Shiva Skunk Male pollen sac

  20. Shiva Skunk Male pollen sac

    Shiva Skunk Male pollen sac

    About wk 3 flower
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