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    Hawaiian Lights
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    Black Dreams - male Flowers
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    Happy I have a male Sensi Star
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    Black Dreams male in flower
  9. P

    Male Hermaphrodite Specimen

    Hey people! This is a story about a poor and lonely male plant. There once was a bagseed. It had seen it all during veg, you name it, cold temps, overfed, pests, totally random schedule, leaks, stripped almost to the bone numerous times. Even now it sees light for 13 not just 12h every day. At...
  10. Smoked Kiwi

    Confirming my worst nightmare: hermie?

    Hi everyone, So today’s day 13 of flower (12/12) 7 days in see first signs of female pre flowers then yesterday noticed these coming in See pistil to the right: Kinda bumming me out tbh, is there anything I can do to salvage it at this point? Only plant I’ve got at the moment so I’m not...
  11. O

    Male or female?

    First grow. Can't really tell myself but week 2 of veg. Just curious to others opinions. Is it a boy or girl?
  12. V


    I’m probably the ‘greenest’ newcomer here ... I just love gardening in general & thought ‘why not’ give this a shot too? I’m referring back to this website almost daily for knowledge, so I thought I’d go ahead & join :) I’m watching my 2 babies very carefully & noticed this today (see photo).
  13. C

    First time grower

    Hi, growing outside in a greenhouse. I have a question, by the looks of these pics, does anyone of them look like a possible male plant?
  14. Getting Close!!

    Getting Close!!

  15. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  16. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  17. meejay

    Seems (feels) like a female? What do you think?

    Hi there, I was checking on my first grow and just realized something I was looking for. She is still in 24/0 vegetative stage but what I saw on above 6th branching seemed a sign of a female plant to me. Below you may find the photos. What do you think? Is she a SHE?
  18. E

    Male or Female?

    Hi everyone, I’ve been growing some seeds found in my outdoor grow last year and trying to determine if one is a male early in the vegetative state. The plant shot up in height much faster then others germinated at the same time which I understand is a common thing with male plants. Can...
  19. Black Cali Grapes

    Black Cali Grapes

    #2 Male
  20. Afghani #1

    Afghani #1

    Put some pants on dude.
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