1. K

    New law says 30 gram max possession but you can grow up to 4 plants?

    Maybe I'm missing something in fine print somewhere but the new law per the goc Canada website says there will be a 30 gram possession limit but also that u can grow up to 4 plants. I don't know bout u guys but I'm pretty sure even if u screwed up bad u should get more than 30 gram from a 4...
  2. B

    Anyone using the Nanolux de super 600 watt?

    Hello fello growers as the title says anyone rocking these nanolux de super 600 watt lights? Are they reliable, how are the different hoods that are suppose to be for a 4x4 foot print? De or 630 watt cmh I have a 8ft x 12ft x 6ft8 high tent I was thinking of 8 lights in total? or maybe 6 will be...
  3. S

    Harvesting too late when the plant's no longer stinky?

    Hi guys, I had a marijuana plant that I grew outdoors and it would stink up the entire upstairs of the house in about 15 minutes if you brought it in inside. I ended up bringing it back in the house because of the winter and after a few weeks of doing this I noticed two things: a) The plant...
  4. T

    Biobizz light-mix ok for the whole grow?

    Hello, my name is Tim. I'd like to apologise in advance for my poor english, and maybe the category where i'm posting this thread. I'm currently 2 weeks into my first grow, and i bought the Biobizz light-mix as my medium. My question is then the following: Can i use this medium through...
  5. M

    Spotted and dying leaves

    I'm a bit worried for my plants here!

I have just watered them, alot so i am aware thats why they are hanging a bit- but I'm sure they will be up and good in no time. - My real problem are those brown spots at the leaves. It started at the buttom and worked it's way up the plant. The bottom...
  6. W

    Early Miss Auto Flower Grow - Can Steve Grow A Weed?

    I recently ordered some Early Miss Autoflower from CKS, and they just arrived today. I began the germination process right away, and they are enjoying a bath in a glass of water for a day. I have attempted other grows in the past and have failed horribly. Which is why the subtitle of this...
  7. K

    Once a lurker

    Out from the shadows, wanted to maybe post a bit. :thumb:
  8. K

    Needed Help Sexing

    I think this 1st one is a male? View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Maybe this one is female? View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Many thanks in advance, katurango
  9. Kbomb

    Are my seeds going bad?

    Some attempts to photograph what I have just noticed is happening to my seeds in storage. Hard to see well in the photos but they are developing irregular dark/black areas/streaks, mostly emanating from the base of the seed (where it was attached to the plant). Also, the shells seem to be...
  10. B

    first grow . in desperate need for help

    please i can't figure out whats wrong with them maybe it''s because i sprayed them ? please if you can help me identify the problem plus iused somthing just to be sure against bugs it containes pyrethrum 0.04% and neem oil 0.036% maybe i used too much?
  11. T

    Giving It A Try

    basics female unkown ck starter pack 13 days old organic soil no nutes yet distilled water. no ph tester cfls 40 w 5 of them small fan closet grow question on this one they started yellowing not sure why. I had them on a 18/6 then tried to go to 24/0. put them back to 18 after I saw...
  12. NuttyProfessor

    SOG gone Pete Tong - Ideas welcome

    havnt a clue what to do , bitch keeps growing , ore light maybe and maybe lift the light that bit higher but id have to have it modify it a bit as its as high as it goes :oops:
  13. C

    First plant - Need advice and tips

    Hello! i am growing my first cannabis plant now and i noticed that it doesn't really look like a regular cannabis plant with the leafs and stuff, so i was wondering if you guys maybe can tell me whats going on with it and what i can do better! to make it as good as possible! how mutch longer...
  14. S

    Is this bad boy ready to be topped for SCROG?

    Hey yall. My grow is here First Ever SCROG - 600W - Coco - Tent - White Widow Is this one ready for topping? I am doing a screen of green and I want to top maybe three times. Should I remove the red highlighted area now?
  15. O

    Hi everybody

    I just joined the site and have a couple questions that I posted in the 420 lounge. I'm still learning how to navigate the site so maybe that forum wasn't the best place to post, if your interested take a look,,,Thanks
  16. D

    White spots on leaves

    Mature flowered plants wit spotted leaves. No clear webbing. Low yield. Ph or maybe spide mites.
  17. G

    What part of the Seattle/Tacoma area is the best to live

    Looking to make the move from Atlanta to Seattle trying to find a place reasonable but also has stuff do close by shops, bars, restaurants, etc. maybe a suggestion on a marijuana friendly neighborhood, I'm 27 so maybe somewhere where everyone's NOT older and retired. I don't know anything cool...
  18. I

    Need help with lights

    Hey guys, so I'm attempting to grow a plant for the first time. Currently its in a small cup of garden soil my wife bought and is sticking up about 2 or maybe 3 inches out of the soul after 2 days. The lights i have on it are these little tiny hg lights from what i can tell ( the writing is very...
  19. ecdriver

    Hi 420Mag

    High to all of you 420 growers and lovers !!! I'm back on this more than Nice forum.:thumb::yikes::yikes: I'm not growing actually cause i don't have m'y own place to do it properly . I have to share à flat right now and growing is not possible at all... Juste there to maybe help someone...
  20. pufpufpas

    Growing knowledge

    I think I'm in the right place. Duh! obviously 420 magazine is the right place! What I'm trying to say is I hope this is a place I can journal learning experience I have found and shared around the site. I'm not growing but my knowledge is and my passion of growing continues to produce! Anyhow...
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