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  2. ondercuver

    One COB thing bothers me

    :Namaste: Hello fellow diy'ers I'm researching COB's for some time now and it looks like every build is about the same ... cobs run in series with a few meanwell drivers . My question is " is that necessary ? is there some science behind it? a paralel run would be less efficient?"...
  3. Rider509

    Rider's first foray into LED strip lighting - Samsung H Series GEN3

    I became interested in the LED strip cobs as a replacement for the 8' T12 fluorescents in my tattoo shop, but the more I looked into them I wondered if they could be used for growing. I ordered eight of the 4' 5000k 80 CRI lights and a Meanwell driver to experiment with. If it works I have an...
  4. O

    First Grow & First Journal

    Hello everyone this my first grow: 1) I am using a 10X3X7 tent. 2)Llights are 2 COB frames: 9X CMX22 Gen3 90 CRI using 3 X MeanWell HLG-185H-48A ON A 4X4 frame 3500K 16X CLU048-1818 90 CRI using 2 X MeanWell HLG-320H-48A on a 4X4 frame 3500k 3) I am using garden soil but I think it's...
  5. mouser

    COB electrical question

    It has been many years since my first/only class in electronics. Im hoping someone can answer this for me. Im trying to 'redo' a cheapo cob fixture bought on the rain forest that has died on me. Each COB has 2 36v/1.2a drivers hooked up to it in parallel. Does this result in 36vdc at 2.4a...