my first grow

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    Help - 2 week old seedling problems

    Hello i am having trouble... this is my very first grow and i am currently 2 weeks in....i germinated 6 seeds which all i had no success with. i had one thc bomb which survived these were pics from about 3 days ago, for some reason i feel its very sluggish... i have not been feeding any...
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    Lighting, pot size and grow space

    Yes! This is my first grow :) (indoor using soil) so any info is helpful- I just bought a 600 watt HID with a cooled hood and a digital dimmable ballast + timer. How many plants will I be able to grow?. How much grow space can a 600 watt cover?? My ceiling is only 8 feet What size should my...
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    Completed My First Grow

    well i dont know how to start so i will just go with this What strain is it? i have three yumbolt 47 and three mazar kush and two strawberry blue Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? yumbolt is 10%sativa, 90% indica female pure ak47 stabilized male hybrid pure yumbolt Is it...
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    need help

    for some reason i have 3 yumbolt 47s and two of them have streached like mad but my other one is small i have mazar kush and they are small two same as strawberry blue it is one from each strain tht has streached but the thing is i need to bud it befor it gets to big i have started budding now...
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