My First Grow

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well i dont know how to start so i will just go with this

What strain is it? i have three yumbolt 47 and three mazar kush and two strawberry blue
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? yumbolt is 10%sativa, 90% indica female pure ak47 stabilized male hybrid pure yumbolt
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? it is now in flowering
If in Veg... For how long?
If in Flower stage... For how long? 5days
Indoor or outdoor? indoor
Soil or Hydro? soil
If soil... what is in your mix? biowizz all mix
If soil... What size pot? 12"
Size of light? x2 250w metal halide mercury ballast e40 cap
Is it aircooled? yes
Temp of Room/cab? dont know
RH of Room/cab? dont know
PH of media or res? dont know
Any Pests ? yes did have a few flies but slowly getting rid of them
How often are you watering? every day 200ml
Type and strength of ferts used? bio-bloom npk 2.0-6.0-3.5

thank you for giving help and advice on all this respect to all growers out there keep them coming
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yes its pure female ak-47 and hybrid pure yumbolt i got them from world of seeds its my first time trying this stuff too so will put pics up nearly every day these pics dont do it justice but will put them on members gallery if you want to look and comment

I know i started my journal a bit late but could not find out how to do it at first lol but am up and running now so will keep you posted


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Looks like your doing good, your have beautiful green leaves and thats what you want to see if your wondering about ph. Can also buy ph test strips to test out the soil. but looks like your doing fine. as far as temp goes, make sure the room feels warm to you and put your hand over the topmost part of the plant, if it feels like its almost burning your hand with light after 30seconds to a min its most likely doing the same thing to the plant. so move the lights up but if its just mellow warm you should be ok. keep up the good work.

Also if your flowering, I'd switch from metal halide to an HPS (high pressure sodium bulb) it gives you the red spectrum light you need to simulate the fall. MH is blue light to simulate spring/early summer. ;)
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thanks jdeece i am just waiting on my lights coming should be here soon i have one light 400w hps but i still need one more so going to wait till i get tht befor i put them in or do you think i should just put it in the now


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Your welcome anytime bro :)

do half and half, one MH one HPS at the same time to simulate the change from blue to red until you get the other light, it needs that red spectrum to flower. Will only help, but ultimately up to you to decide.

Personally I would just to cover the lumens spectrum.
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thanks bro just as i read your first one i went ahead a put it in so just need to weqit till my light gets here. come on lights hurry up lol cheers bro did you like my pics then


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yes, they look very seksy ;)
Can't wait to see how they turn out.
If you search me in the member gallery I just posted some of my himalayan gold im about to harvest :-D


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Niice, I will post some more updates tomorrow. Glad you liked em, yours will be there soon :) cheers and peace, Im off for the evening.
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this is my babies to day and they are looking realy great for my first time growing i think lol just thot i would give yous an update on how its going its now in the 7th day only 52days left yeehaa cant wait till they are ready i also have ten other plants on the go but have not a clue what they are for my mate was growing hawian gold and ssh and white widow but we dont know what was femal and what was male so its a bit of everything lol but i thot i would give a go and see what they are so will keep you posted on them as well i will upload a couple of pics as soon as i can for i have two which are a no bad size one which is about 10" tall and 1 is about 5" tall i have topped the both of them so i can get a bit more bud if they are females i am not to botherd if they are males for i never payed for them so who cares right free bud if it is females and if they are males i migt just try and grow them and smoke the tops for i have heard its ment to be good so wiil keep yous all posted
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14 days into flowering and i can see them starting to bud its great lol just thot i would keep yous posted on how they are doing
Nice duder, they are looking quite seksy. And yes free bud is always nice. The thing about males I don't know is if you can smoke the tops. But, I do know that if you have them near any females they might sex them into producing seeds which will take down flower content as that is what the plant is trying to do, hence the creating of resin/THC.

You could keep the plants to find out how they look, because potentially you could have alot of free seeds for future growth. ;) As far as noticing when they are male or female, the male will begin making stamens, it's very easy to notice this as they start out like pod nubs and they grow outward and hang whereas the female flower (pistil) has a little hair or hairs coming out and they grow up, not out.

It's up to you whether or not to keep the males, if you have all the plants in the same area then you jeopardize all the females into creating seeds and you will have less smokables :p

The males flower faster because its their intent to get the pollen onto the female. What I have done in the past is cut the males as their pods get nice and big, and set them in a vase by them selves near a window and after a few days the pods will release the pollen (make sure you have some sort of paper or catch for the pollen to fall onto, as well as minimal air flow. that way you can sprinkle pollen on the females that you may want to seed if you feel the need/desire.

Nature always finds a way.

BTW The plants look very very good and healthy!
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cheers man i will put better pics up l8r just not had time to get them sorted for pics lol but cheers for the comment jdeece