1. DarionOzb

    Any idea what strain this might be?

    Hello everyone! I have a plant here that Ive grown from seed and I have no idea what it is. I know for the most part, strain names are just kind of thrown into the wind. But i do know there are legit og strains out there that started it all. Im jw if anyone may have a keen eye for naming...
  2. JayandFun

    My 1st Medical Grow - Thanks To NukeHeads

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! This is my first grow. I'm very excited to be here and share my my life and grow with everyone. About me - My name is Jay and I live with a seizure alert service dog named FunGoo. I was a 1st responder for the World Trade Center. Over the years my...
  3. R

    Just want to change username if possible

    help admin have some pics to post but dont want to post them under this user name if at all posible can i change my user name please to something more stealthy. regards Dan
  4. ResinSaurusRex

    Help me name my strain

    I crossed a Citrus Diesel with a SoCal Kush then dusted that with some Lemon Larry pollen. I ended up with some amazing resin covered buds that smelled of citrusy dish soap and loamy fresh soil but I smoked it all. These 2 plants are the first full attempt at growing out my creation from seed.
  5. Ron Strider

    The 1,200 Names Of Marijuana

    OK, time for a short quiz. Please list all the names for marijuana that you can think of... Time's up. If you listed 1,200, go to the head of the class. That's how many British slang lexicographer (aka dictionary guy) Jonathon Green has collected so far. In addition to being an...
  6. Ron Strider

    Weedon, Tiny Quebec Town With Apropos Name, Hopes To Become Cannabis Capital

    It's not all in a name for Weedon, a small Quebec town planning to welcome a 1.5 million-square-foot cannabis production facility. Mayor Richard Tanguay said "it's no secret" that the town's moniker had a lot to do with how two Canadian companies found the municipality in Quebec's Eastern...
  7. B

    Profile Name Change

    Can someone help me change my profile name please? I am obviously a total newb and lacking in creativity, so I will take anything that isn't my real name :thumb:
  8. F

    Growing App

    i was wondering if anyone uses a growing app, if so whats the name? how do you like it?
  9. S


    Hello to all. Just started indoor growing, but have been lurking around here for awhile researching. Since my 6 girls are still alive after 5 weeks from seed, I thought I may as well interact with like minded people:smokin2:. I'm luck enough to have been able to build a 6'x8'room, currently...
  10. Sochi

    Rookie Mistake

    Hi! I'm pretty sure that I made a rookie mistake. I ordered seeds and sent in cash by USPS. I used priority shipping, which entailed that I fill out a customs form. I did NOT use the name of the seed bank. I used a fake name for the bank and I used a fake name on the envelope and a fake address...
  11. O

    User Name

    I was wondering if I could change my name to Trichome Gnome. Someone is using it currently, but there hasn't been any activity for years. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. S

    Name change from tommysgamenow

    Name change from tommysgamenow to sour tommy...see ya round!
  13. Katelyn Baker

    Canada: Marijuana Firms Look To Get Creative With Brand Building

    Canadian marijuana companies, facing potential limits on advertising for recreational pot, are selling health food products and cultivating a lifestyle image to win customers in an anticipated multibillion dollar market. Canada is set to become the first G7 country to legalize recreational...
  14. coot3838

    Name change please

    Can I please have my name changed to: BUDZRUS
  15. The Germinator

    Hi - Name change

    hello, i was dugy40. changed my name. thought i might let everyone know. Great group of people here. loving it.
  16. calicanna143

    Name change

    I really wasn't thinking when I created my user profile name and I'd like to be more discrete, if possible can the administrator change my name be to calicanna143 please Thank you
  17. Indigoism

    Possible name change?

    Hey I wasn't too sure if this was doable but I have seen some posts on the archives of people getting their usernames changed, I wasn't very stealthy when I chose my name as I use it on almost every other forum I go on and a few people I don't want knowing what I am doing atm could easily look...
  18. K

    Great site - Smart members

    Really stoked to kick it in the community- I've been reading posts from members for a long time- and there are so many times I've wanted to say "great work" or "solid advice" or share some experience I had on the same level- and uh, I guess that's why people sign up eh? LOL- anyhowwwww KRED...
  19. F

    The grower formerly known as

    Howdy Y'all! some may remember me under the name of fish cake. so I'm glad to be back! I kind of no a little about growing but I know there is always something to learn(with a little help from my friends)new and old! Currently I'm growing a named plant that we will call ACID also formerly...
  20. L

    Abandoned Lingzhi's Organics - Indoor - Multi Strain - Home Grow - Teas & Foliars

    Well since i managed to kill my last project off with too much love, im here to try again with an organic, veganic grow. I can see there is alot of potential there if done correctly. This time im using a more refined approach using pre made tea additives. Ingredients that may be in my teas at...
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