1. Nirvana White Rhino seed

    Nirvana White Rhino seed

    Nirvana White Rhino seed
  2. 8BA3B8DC-36EC-4F93-9556-1DB194D2C3E2.jpeg


    original glue nirvana white rhino nirvana day 1 flower (76 total from seed)
  3. IMG_1182-1.JPG


    Maui Waui
  4. Nirvana.jpg


    Fluffy girl!
  5. nirvana2.jpg


    Overhead of the Nirvana Maui...after trim!
  6. NirvanaMaui63.jpg


    Nirvana glam...
  7. Nirvana63.jpg


    Nirvana Maui. Needs a hair cut..
  8. NirvanaMauiDay21.jpg


    Compare the Maui Nirvana with the Pua Mana 'Ohana. VERY similar!
  9. LouisStevenson

    Pirate Grows Outside! With Neville's Haze - Black Jack - Jack Herer

    Starting a new journal for my outside adventures this summer! I'm excited to start this journal do to the extra/ free seeds and the free sunlight. I will be running two black jack ( free to me from Nirvana) one nevilles haze (freebie from seedsman)and one jack herer(extra from current grow) ...
  10. B

    Any AN Nirvana Users?

    I just started using Nirvana as a supplement on a soil grow, heading into first week of flip. Did a very weak dilution foliar spray, and during regular feeding I added .25ml/l to my nute solution. I've been using AN pH perfect mbg (mostly micro, b/c I am using a warm organic mix, and the...
  11. F

    SSG Thread - Search for the strongest genetics

    Im on the hunt. I have tried the Nirvana seeds, and not too impressed with thier genetics. So im asking for some help for you 420 guys. Currently residing in the USA, looking for a seed vendor that vends the top dog stuff, like Serious, Sensi, Greenhouse, yada yada yada. I have tried attitude...
  12. F

    Week 7 flowering Nirvana White Widow and Masterkush soiless grow

    Growing feminized White widow and Master kush from Nirvana seeds. Soiless peat/perlite mix. Ph 7 to 8 1000w metal halide with ushio 6500k blue Dynagrow Foliage and Jacks classic 202020 ferts. Temps 72 humidity 60 to 70% Humidifier running 24 7 850 cfm inline fan running 24 7 with phresh...
  13. Skullman420

    The DeVille's White Widow & Bubbleicious - 8 Plants Under 2x Mars Pro II 320

    UPDATE #1 Veg - Day -1 Time for a new grow. The strains this time are the long time classic White Widow from Dutch Passion and Nirvana's Bubbleicious. The medium is 50% soil, 25% Perlite & 25% Vermiculite. Also a layer of Leca is added in the bottom of the pots to allow for better...
  14. I

    Insom's First Grows! Blue Mystic Auto, Soil, Custom Bucket Setup With LEDs

    I've been meaning to start this, and now seems as good a time as any - I'm four weeks into my first grow ever, and just kicking off my second! Both plants are feminized Blue Mystic autoflowers from Nirvana seeds. We'll call our girls Lapis and Peridot - Lapis because she too is a blue mystic...
  15. Asesino85

    Asesino's Mystery Girl and Clones ScrOG - Coco Coir

    First off let me start by saying again what a great community this is and to thank everyone for also sharing their grows so we can all learn off each other. I wouldn't be where I am in terms of growing without the support of some of the people that I've watched and read from. I have also been...
  16. S

    Salchipapa27's Rasberry Cough: First Attempt At SCROG

    HELLO WORLD! I am trying my best to make a comeback after a backfire of a grow. I plan to approach this grow with much calculation and require the most support I can from anyone who can chime in! I am attempted a SCROG method grow and before getting started i'd like some tips on a specific...
  17. calicanna143

    Nirvana Blackberry Grow

    I thought somebody might be wanting to see this strain from nirvana so thought id share with you. First time posting and not sure if I added pic correctly, this is my blackberry from nirvana on right and left front and a blue dream in back. Week 6 from seed and I'm very happy with what I see so...
  18. Grow17

    What is going on here? Nirvana Master Kush

    I won't go on about the problems I've had in the past with Nirvana seeds, but.... :) This seed was paper towel germinated on 8/3 .Sprouted 8/7 Cotyledons 8/11 1st set of leaves. It's grown slightly since then. I'm trying to figure out what's now going on with it. Specs : Rapid Rooter...
  19. N

    Hello everyone! Aspiring grower here

    Hey all! I'm about start my first grow, and have been lurking around these forums since there were soooo much good information here. So, here I am with an account, and hopefully will start a grow journal soon. I am still waiting for my grow tent, filter and fan to get here,so it should be...
  20. Lester Freeman

    Nirvana's Blackberry: Strain Review

    sativa Blackberry Strain lineage? Black Domina x Raspberry Cough (sativa dominant) From? Our sponsor, Herbies Headshop Type? Contrary to what most people think of when they hear Blackberry (the kush version that is more indica), this strain is a highly exotic sativa dominant hybrid...
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