1. I

    Trinary nodes

    This is a Forbidden Runtz bag seed from a dispensary. I didn't really notice until I counted the nodes and was ready to top at the 7th. There was a mutation at the 3rd node with deformed fan and I was worried I'd lose a branch but it grew right through and continued on. The 5th and 6th are...
  2. Whoberry Haze #1 nodes

    Whoberry Haze #1 nodes

    Nice nodal distance, fat nodes ,thick stalk.
  3. Grow3_Day14 (3).jpg

    Grow3_Day14 (3).jpg

    TTKlaus 3rd Grow
  4. vyserage

    Veg stage fan leaf pruning issue

    What do you guy's think? I have my 6 plants and i have been every other day clipping off upper and middle fan leaves that are blocking light to lower nodes inside the middle of plant so that light easily penetrates the entire inner side of all shoots. Even if its a top fan leaf ill let it grow...
  5. vyserage

    Stems from nodes - Cut off?

    So as the plant grows and it has a set of nodes, im now in flowering and those nodes from the very bottom of the plant and in a few other places from all my plants are growing up and i can clearly see its another shoot. What does everyone do with those, clip em off so the energy gets spent...
  6. vyserage

    6 days into flowering - What to prune? Video

    i know to prune the very bottom nodes below all main cola's if you've topped (which i have 8 main cola's and no growth below them) as well as some fan leaves if they are shadowing too much. I also know some people prune 3 week's into flowering as the final prune and some up to 2 weeks into...
  7. W

    First time mainlining and I need help already

    I have 3 NL's and 2 Great White Shark's that I decided to try mainlining.Cut the stem last week and topped down to the third node on both sides.Now I'm supposed to wait for 4 nodes to grow out but I only see 2.I have pictures but I'm working on how to go about posting them. Now the way I...
  8. nobodyhere

    Need confirmation - Are these boys?

    58 days, 8 days into flower, please take a look at the photos and give thoughts. I am thinking boy...but it's my first time were taken off two separate branches of upper nodes. Both of them Plant #2 Plant #1 In the meantime I am soaking an auto tonight.
  9. B

    Destiny's First Grow: Indoor Soil, CB Dutch Treat 2017

    April 1st Sativa Dominant CBD 8% THC 4% Started from seed, currently 7 weeks in. Still in vegetative stage Promix soil with Gaia Green Fertilizer, worm castings & azomite 1 plant is in a 4" square pot, the other plant is in a 5" round pot Started with T5 Sunblaster lights and now...
  10. BraicaBrick

    Notes through the Nodes

    What are your ladies listening to? Gotta have the Sevendust!
  11. coralman

    Possible mutation?

    Anyone ever seen anything like this... 8 day old from seed Critical Kush new growth come to a dead end with no new nodes growing ( ignore the shine just sprayed with neem oil)
  12. I

    Help - Broken plant - Sad face

    So I'm far along in veg with my female, and of F'ing course. I knew things were running smoothly, it's too good to be true. Something bad was bound to happen, and YUP, here we go..... I happened to be adjusting my lights in my tent when all of the sudden I heard a big bang and smash...a Y...
  13. R

    Help! My cannabis plant is really short

    This is my firstgrow..... I have one plant that is in 4th week of veg. It has 6 nodes but has bent horizontal then up. I didnt notice anything wrong until it was almost done 3rd week. I did research and my best guess was my LED light was too close and it didnt want to grow up and stretch...
  14. B

    Solution for nodes too close together?

    So I have a feminized Jack Herer that is in a 16 ounce Solo cup that I planted maybe 2 weeks ago. I was looking at it today and it has 4 nodes within 1 inch. Is there any easy way to make it stretch? I am either going to cull it or cut all but every 4th node or so. So at this point I am open to...
  15. MaRS3891

    Spikes in the Nodes

    Few days ago i noticed some spikes raising in the nodes. Its my first grow and never read about it. Its 3º week on vegetative growth, organic media and no problems or diseases.Is it a preflower? Dont look like showing its gender. I would appreciate to know whether i have to make some move...
  16. P


    LST training and topping nd fimming when is the optimum time and what is the best method???? Oh and music i kno plants react to certain sound frequencies whats best cuz mine listen to old school RnB nd kevin gates???
  17. Q

    When should I top my plant?

    I'm curious as to when I should top my plant. Well not as worried about when but where? I've read inbetween node 3-5 and I labeled the plant with what I think the nodes are Please let me know if I am incorrect and any knowledge and help would be great, I'm just looking for a nice bushy plant...
  18. WizHigh

    Grow sites, the awkwardness?

    Im getting right to it with pics. Have anyone seen or know why these grow sites are growing out of wack? Tryd to get my camera as clear as I could but there twisting and dont look like they open.
  19. N

    Yield? how tall? or

    how tall does your plant have to be ? does it depend on nodes?
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