nutrient problem

  1. T

    Need help for the nutrient burn on flowering phase

    Hey guys, I was using advenced nutrients ( micro,grow,bloom) for my amnesia auto fem. strain at outdoor. Despite i did not add the nutrients at the seeding and germination stage,i have started the use at the flowering and pre-flowering stage. In order to use easy,i have mixed all three...
  2. M

    PH meter died - Diagnosis?

    I'm trying to figure out what is going on with my plant. Does anyone have an idea? My ph meter broke, so I'm waiting for a new one to arrive (none of the stores sell them in this town!) Strain - Northern Lights auto flower feminized # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - vegetative...
  3. B

    Lightening of Leaves

    I put my plant into flower 11 days ago, it was nice and healthy green. Now all the leaves have lightened up in color. I thought it was nitrogen deficiency so I added some extra fertilizer. Then went heavier on the nitrogen on the next feeding but there had been no change even in the new growth...
  4. S

    deficiency when co2 kick-in

    i never asked for help in my entire life about MJ problem. i always discovered everything by myself, but this time, i need help. i using technaflora product line, with fully automated system. my system is trouble free and work very well. i use vertical gardening with rockwool slab. i start co2...
  5. S

    Cannabis deficiency questions

    Alright so this is my first grow and my plant is about 3 weeks into veg and I have these brown dots and brown spots on the leaves. I water every other day, every two waters I add nutes to the soil. I have tested my ph and its 7.0 (which is a bit high and in optimum range from what I know) so...
  6. R

    Canna coco A+B - How much should I use - Please help

    Hi there people, hope you can help me. Im a uk indoor tent grower and im having problems with nutrient burn using canna coco a+b. Im using canna coco medium soil too. Have had really bad nutrient burn show itself during the first 2week of flowering so I flushed the HELL out of the soil...
  7. S

    Experts please help. Strange combo of leaf diseases. Leaf problems. N and P??

    Hi great people! I have some over nutrition and/or deficiencies I think. What is it? Pics below. I'm an older lady who's a plant biologist professor. I grew up growing a garden and know plant physiology and that jazz, but these are a little trickier. I've already exhausted the resources...
  8. trichomes

    Why so pale? New strain I'm trying

    I have other plants in same soil, same nutes, that are dark green, this looks way too pale, any thoughts replied are urged!! thank you all!
  9. H

    Sunburn? What do you think?

    SUNBURN ?? What do you think? thank you, more details in my blog & previous posts/threads
  10. H

    Nute problems?

    which nute problem do I have is it toxic or deficient and How do I figure out which one to try and fix first? these smaller plants up front are from seed, in clay only, they were healthy when i transplanted, not sure of the problem everything seems to be right ph, ppm, temp, etc.. but the plants...
  11. Gibsonk4h

    Nute problem?

    I need help identifying the problem. I feel that it could be either magnesium def, or phosphorus but really not sure. This is my first grow and first problem. I have checked the ph, and have flushed the soil, and have been using foxfarm tiger bloom. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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